Register your dealer group with Macquarie

To register a new dealer with Macquarie, they’ll need to complete a Macquarie dealer registration form. You can download this form from Adviser Tools by searching for dealer registration. To complete the form and register a new dealer you must: 

  1. Download and print the correct form depending on whether the dealer group is registered with an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL)
  2. The Director(s) of the dealer group will need to sign Section 6
  3. Once complete please email this directly to

What happens next?

Provided the documents are sufficient, Macquarie will process and email the newly registered dealer staff with their new dealer and access codes.

For dealers who have submitted a Dealer registration form Non-AFSL, all registrations will be reviewed internally first to determine if your registration will proceed. We'll be in touch with you soon with an outcome of the review by email.

There is also a form to register new advisers. For more information see Adviser Online new registrations and access levels.

Set up a corporate adviser code

To register a new corporate adviser code, you’ll need to complete a Macquarie adviser registration form. You can also download this form from Adviser Tools by searching for adviser registration.

Please note that your dealer must be registered with us before you can set up a corporate adviser code. If your dealer isn’t registered with us, you can sign them up using the instructions on this page.

To complete the form and register a corporate adviser code you must:

  1. Download and print the form
  2. In Section 1 you will need to enter the name of the corporate adviser code and enter the individual details of the chosen servicing adviser from the business. The servicing adviser will need to sign Section 5.
  3. We’ll also require a copy of the business’ authorised representative certificate signed on company letterhead by the responsible officer or director of the licence, stating that the business is a representative of the dealer group and has met the set adviser criteria
  4. Return the completed form to
  5. Provided the documents are sufficient, Macquarie will process and email the new adviser code to registered email address
  6. Use the link in this email to register for a new password online .

Register for Macquarie Online Trading

To register for Macquarie Online Trading, both you and your dealer must be registered. If your dealer is already registered, you only need to provide the adviser requirements below.

Dealer registration

Have your dealer complete the below 2 forms:

We’ll also need a copy of the professional indemnity insurance certificate for your dealer.

 Adviser registration

Complete the Adviser registration form ensuring Macquarie Online Trading and Macquarie Cash Products is selected in Section 3. 

Once all forms have been completed, they can be emailed to We’ll then register you for Macquarie Online Trading.

Important information: Registering as a dealer or adviser

If you’re registering as a dealer or adviser to use our products and services, we generally require the AFSL to have certain licence conditions that enable them to advise and or deal in the products their clients are seeking to link the AFSL holder to. If your licence conditions change throughout the year and you become ineligible to advise/deal in our products, we may stop your access to client accounts and take other actions depending on individual circumstances.

For online access for advisers and support staff, please refer to our Help Centre article on Adviser Online new registrations and access levels.

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