How does Account Income Redirection (AIR) work?

AIR gives you the option to elect to automatically redirect income from your client’s Investment Wrap cash account to their nominated bank account. See here for more information on how to set up a nominated account.

AIR occurs daily. When your client receives income into their Wrap cash account, it will be redirected overnight to your client’s nominated bank account and will be received within one to two business days (depending on the receiving bank). It gives your clients access to their income quicker without having to transfer funds manually. 

Benefits of Account Income Redirection (AIR)?

AIR is a set-and-forget efficiency tool for your investment clients who have a need for regular income for day-to-day transactions. It allows them to access their income quicker without having to wait for a manual funds transfer.

What accounts and investments does AIR work for?

AIR is available for the following Macquarie Wrap products:  

  • Investment Manager 
  • Investment Consolidator 
  • Investment Manager II 
  • Investment Consolidator II – Engage and Elevate 

You can’t apply AIR for clients with Investment Accumulator accounts. 

Investments that can have their income automatically redirected: 

  • Managed investments 
  • Listed securities 
  • International listed securities 
  • Separately Managed Accounts 
  • Domestic Fixed income 
  • Interest from the Investment Wrap cash account. 

Investments that can’t have income automatically redirected:

Term deposits as this may impact a successful rollover election of the term deposit upon maturity into a new Term Deposit with the same provider and term. 

AIR status

AIR status is available in Adviser Online in Account Details under the Account Summary section.

Turn on AIR for my client

In order to use AIR, your client must have an account nominated. To set up AIR:

  1. Log in to Adviser Online
  2. Under the Clients tab in the side navigation, select Accounts
  3. Enter the investment account number you want to set up Account Income Redirection for
  4. Once you’ve confirmed the account, you’ll then select Account Details
  5. Under the Account Summary section, click on Update. By clicking on Update you’ll be able to proceed with setting up Account income Redirection.

Once you’ve read and acknowledged the declaration, any future income your client receives will generally be automatically redirected to the selected nominated account overnight.

If you’re turning on AIR, you’ll be asked to verify the changes via either Authenticator or SMS. If AIR is already set up and you’re turning it off, we won’t ask you to verify this change.

AIR reporting

Transactions will follow this convention: 

  • Investment Wrap cash account narration: Redirection - <original income narrative> 
  • External nominated bank account narration: IR <security code><Wrap account number> 

For each income transaction that is deposited into your Wrap cash account, you’ll see an equal amount debited overnight with “Redirection” at the beginning of the narration for the matching amount in the Debit column. The receiving account, that is the nominated bank account, will have the same amount with “IR” at the beginning of the narration for the matching amount.

How can I track the history of this feature?

This will be tracked via Request Centre and changes to the account income redirection instructions are recorded against the Request type "Account income redirection update”.

Why do I need to authenticate?

As part of our commitment to ensure the security of our clients, we’ll be asking you to verify account income redirection changes via Macquarie authenticator. We created Macquarie Authenticator as an enhanced verification system that's more secure than SMS.

We recommend you have the Macquarie Authenticator app on hand when you’re in Macquarie Adviser Online in case you are prompted to verify actions and changes to your account.

Why has it failed?

Account income Redirection may not be working because:

  • There are insufficient funds in your client’s Investment Wrap account.
  • Your client’s nominated bank account may be closed.
  • Your client changed the bank account that has been linked to their Wrap account and didn’t notify either yourself or us of the changes.

If the nominated account has been closed or changed without us being notified, AIR instructions will remain as instructed and income will be retained within the Wrap account.

However, an alert is raised and will appear on the Alerts page within Wrap Online. The system will only attempt to transfer the income once. If you wish to transfer the income after an error has occurred, the funds will need to be transferred manually. If you don’t fix the error, the next time income enters the wrap account, the error will happen again.

Why can't I update my client's account income redirection election?

Full Transact level of authority is required to update your client’s account income redirection election. To change your level of authority, you can follow these steps.

Can I select which investments have their income redirected?

No. The election is at the account level. You’re unable to select which investments have their income redirected as the election is at the account level. 

Minimum cash balance requirement

AIR does not consider the minimum cash balance in the Wrap cash account, so you’ll need to make sure the cash balance in your client’s account is in line with product requirements. To check your client’s available cash in Adviser Online by hovering over Clients, clicking Accounts, searching your client’s account and clicking on the Portfolio Valuation tab.

How does AIR work with SMA income election?

AIR is independent to the current SMA income election functionality. SMA income election works to redirect income from within your client’s SMA model to the main Wrap cash account. By setting up AIR, you’ll be able to direct all income (including SMA income that has been redirected to the Wrap cash account) from the Wrap cash account to their nominated bank account.

Is my client’s existing Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) impacted by AIR?

Investments selected to be on Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRP) will proceed in line with the DRP election. Any DRP in place for a client won’t be impacted by AIR. The two pieces of functionality exist side by side and continue to help you manage your client’s cash and investments.

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