What your clients can invest in

You can check which investments are available for Wrap products via the Macquarie website. 
If you’d like to know what asset classes your client can invest in, please see the Product Disclosure Statements below:

If you have a client who already has a Macquarie Wrap account and you want to know if specific investments are available (such as managed funds and listed securities), please see our investment menus below: 

Investment limits for Super and Pension accounts

Investment limits are restrictions placed on certain investments at the point of purchase. They manage risk in Super and Pension accounts by managing investment exposures. They do this in accordance with investment strategies as outlined in the applicable super and pension product disclosure statement. 

You can find the investment limits for Super and Pension accounts in the respective Product Disclosure Statements (PDS): 

You can confirm the investment limits for each asset in the Super & Pension Investment Menu. You can access the Investment Menu through Adviser Online. 

  • Log in to Adviser Online
  • Click the Investment menu button on the right hand side of Adviser Online home page
  • Select Super and Pension Investment Menu.

Or it can be accessed via Super Investment Menu

To read more about Macquarie Wrap accounts, please see here.  

Investment limits - Maximum amounts

You can invest up to the following maximum amounts for your clients with Super and Pension accounts:

  • Any single security:
    • Within the S&P/ASX100 - 25%
    • Within the S&P/ASX200 (and not in the S&P/ASX100) - 15%
    • Outside the S&P/ASX200 - 10%
  • All securities outside the S&P/ASX200 (in total) - 40%
  • All securities outside the S&P/ASX300 index - 20%
  • All securities in any single S&P/ASX Global Industry Classification 
    System (CIGS) industry group - 50%
  • All options and warrants - 25%
  • All securities outside the S&P All Ordinaries index with insufficient 
    liquidity - 0%

Check investment limit status

You can check the investment limit status of any account through Adviser Online. To check your client’s account is within the investment limit:

  1. Log in to Adviser Online
  2. Select Transacting from the menu under the Macquarie icon and click Portfolio transacting
  3. Search for the account using either the account name or number
  4. Select New Transaction and select the transaction type you want from the dropdown list
  5. Enter in the trade details and select Continue
  6. Click Options and select Check compliance.

From here, any trades outside the limits will appear in red text underneath the account details.

Trades outside investment limits

If your client is outside of their investment limit, you won’t be able to trade any more of that asset. You will see an error message.

For more information about Investment Limits, read the Investment limits report.

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