Why you receive notifications

The Macquarie Authenticator app sends actionable push notifications to your device to approve or deny online transactions made from your account by you or your financial adviser.

What's a push notification?

An actionable push notification is a little banner that slides into view on your mobile device with a direct link to the Macquarie Authenticator app. You’ll see information about the account activity so you can feel confident to approve or decline. This is our recommended method as it’s fast and very secure. You’ll need to have notifications turned on for actionable push notifications to work. You can find these in your device settings.

Received a push notification you don’t recognise?

In all likelihood you should not be receiving a push notification that you or your financial adviser did not action. However this could occur in scenarios such as:

  • Clicking resend verification and receiving a delayed push notification due to slow network connectivity
  • A transaction that is suspected to be fraudulent.

If you received a push notification that is suspected to be fraudulent, you should deny the action immediately to stop the action from completing. You should then immediately change your password which will log out all active sessions and prevent any further fraudulent activities and call Macquarie to report the incident.

  1. Click Deny on the push notification
  2. Click Change password 
  3. Follow the change password prompts
  4. Call us on 133 174 (+61 2 8245 4470), 24/7, to report the suspected fraudulent transaction.

Didn’t receive a push notification?

You may not be able to verify a transaction or activity with a push notification if you:

  • can’t access the internet or have limited mobile reception
  • haven’t enabled push notifications on your device.

If this happens, please check that you have notifications enabled for the app and try again by clicking on Resend verification.

If you’re still unable to receive a push notification try checking the task tab in Macquarie Authenticator:

  1. Login to Macquarie Authenticator
  2. Click Tasks on the bottom
  3. Click on the action awaiting your approval.

Don’t have internet access?

You can use the codes in the Macquarie Authenticator app to verify transactions when you’re offline.

If your Macquarie Authenticator app is completely unavailable (lost your phone?), for security reasons, give us a call on 133 174 (+61 2 8245 4470), 24/7.

Please note you can only use codes to approve requests which you initiate for yourself. You will be unable to use codes to provide consent for an adviser-initiated request.

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