A code is a unique code that refreshes every minute inside your Macquarie Authenticator app. It is safer than SMS as it’s tied to your verified mobile app and cannot be part of an SMS porting attack. It also runs without internet connection and is handy for those times when you may be in a remote area or overseas.

How do I use a code?

On the verification screen:

  1. Click Verify another way
  2. Click on Code
  3. Click on Next
  4. Enter the Code that’s available on your Macquarie Authenticator app
  5. Click Submit.

What if a code doesn’t work?

Macquarie Authenticator requires the correct time and date to be set in order to function correctly. Make sure you’ve chosen Set automatically for your date & time in your device settings.

If this continues to fail, you can attempt the following:

  1. Click Verify another way on the verification screen
  2. Select a different verification method available to you.

If you’re still unable to proceed, give us a call on 133 174 (+61 2 8245 4470), 24/7.

Please note you can only use codes to approve requests which you initiate for yourself. You will be unable to use a code to provide consent for an adviser initiated request

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