Complete your request

To complete your change of mobile phone number request, we may require you to complete an online ID verification check.

This ID verification check is easy to follow, and you’ll be prompted with instructions at each step. 

Please have your original identity document ready as you’ll need to take a photo of the document and then a photo of yourself.

Tips for an accurate outcome

  • Check all the details you’re submitting are correct and exactly match your ID document
  • Hold the ID as still as possible and make sure that all details (including any photo in the ID) are fully visible
  • Avoid capturing glare and reflections in your photos
  • Don’t take images of documents displayed on screens or photocopied documents
  • If you have special characters in your name, check your details in the review details screen and edit if they’re not exactly as shown on your ID.

We also recommend you:

  • Don’t wear anything obstructing your face - including sunglasses and hats
  • Don’t have anyone else in the background.

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