Signature requirements

This article refers to signature requirements for the following Macquarie products:

  • Transaction and Savings Accounts
  • Cash, including:
    • Cash Management Accounts (CMA)
    • Cash Management Accelerator Accounts (Accelerator)
  • Macquarie Wrap
  • Term Deposits
  • Business Savings Accounts.

Types of signatures

  • Wet signature (pen on paper)
  • Electronic signatures (e-signatures)
  • Hand-drawn e-signatures (sometimes referred to as ‘sign on glass’).

Please note wet signatures are the only signature type/format that we’ll load as the signature that’s linked to the account(s).

Criteria for signature acceptance

The criteria for acceptance depends on the type of signature you provide, as outlined below.

Wet signatures

  • The signature should match our records (if not, we may request further identification)
  • The signed document must be uploaded by your adviser or sent in the post.

Please note, wet signing an application or form may not be the fastest way for you where e-signature options are available.


So we can accept anything signed by you using an e-signature:

  • the signature should match our records (if not, we may request further identification and/or call the account holder to validate)
  • the documents must:
    • be accompanied by a Certificate of Completion issued by the e-signature provider, which has detailed information relating to a signer’s digital identity and document activity. It can be downloaded as a PDF.
    • emailed from your registered email or emailed/uploaded by your adviser.

E-signature providers we accept

We can accept some forms that have been electronically signed by the following electronic signature providers:

  • Adobe® Sign
  • Annature
  • DocuSign®
  • Conga®
  • FuseSign
  • Iress® Digital Signature
  • Nitro Sign®
  • OneSpan®
  • PleaseSign®
  • SigniFlow®

Hand-drawn e-signatures

So we can accept anything signed by you using a hand-drawn e-signature:

  • the signature should be drawn via stylus or finger and must be clear and identifiable
  • the signature should match our records (if not, we may request further identification)
  • the documents must be emailed from your registered email or emailed/uploaded by your adviser.

What documents are not accepted via e-signature/hand-drawn e-signature?

You won’t be able to use an e-signature or hand-drawn e-signature for forms that need to be sent to a third party, or need to be certified or witnessed. 

Some documents that you can’t use an e-signature for are:

E-signature/hand-drawn e-signature not acceptedHand-drawn e-signature only not accepted
  • Transfers, including
    • Australian Standard Transfer Form (ASTF)
    • Broker transfer request
    • Domestic fixed income securities in-specie transfer
    • External account closure and transfer letter template
    • In-specie transfer limited power of attorney
    • International listed securities in-specie transfer
    • Issuer transfer request
  • Early release of preserved superannuation benefits
  • Medical practitioner statement and Member declaration
  • Non-lapsing death benefit nomination
  • Security interest pledge/release (We need the margin lender’s signature, but we’ll accept an electronic signature where we need your signature)
  • TFN Declaration.
  • Online and/or paper-based applications.

® Registered to Adobe
® Conga is a registered trademark of AppExtremes, LLC. ABN 64 159 755 629 registered in the U.S. and other countries
® Registered to DocuSign Inc ABN 27 308 800 598
® Registered to Iress Limited ABN 47 060 313 359
® Registered to Nitro Software, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries
® OneSpan is a registered trademark of OneSpan North America Inc. and its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries including Australia ABN 59 091 768 688.
® Registered to PleaseSign Pty Ltd ABN 98 608 744 814
SigniFlow® is a registered trademark of SigniFlow (Pty) Ltd (2015/084900/07) and its affiliates, including SigniFlow Inc. United States and SigniFlow APAC (ABN77637884934).

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