Restrictions on your credit card

You’re unable to make authorisation of transactions from merchants that are classified under the gambling merchant category code. This applies to transactions made on an EFTPOS terminal and online. 

Gambling and lottery transactions are identified by us based on the merchant category. The category is determined by the merchant or their bank, and from time to time may be incorrect. As a result, it may be possible that we incorrectly identify or don’t identify a transaction as being related to gambling or lotteries.

Are all gambling and lottery transactions restricted?

We endeavour to block the majority of gambling and lottery transactions on our credit cards. However, we can’t block transactions from merchants that aren’t registered under the gambling merchant category code, as we use this code to identify the transaction type.

If a merchant processes gambling and lottery transactions but their primary business is categorised under another merchant category code, we may not be able to differentiate between a gambling or non-gambling transaction at this merchant e.g. where a customer purchases lottery tickets from a newsagent whose terminal is not classified under the gambling merchant category code.

There will be other instances where we are unable to block the authorisation of gambling or lottery related transactions. You’ll continue to be responsible for these, and all charges on your card.

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If you’re worried about your gambling, or someone else’s, and you’d like to speak to an independent person, please call the Gambling Help Line on 1800 858 858 or visit Gambling Helpline for information and support.

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