Balance Transfers applications or requests will no longer be available after 8 November 2023

A balance transfer is a request to transfer part, or all, of your outstanding balance from another credit card to your Macquarie credit card account.

Balance transfers are one of the easiest ways to consolidate your existing credit card debts and potentially save on interest repayments. Make sure you consider closing the credit card you’re transferring from to avoid unwanted fees and further debt.

How does a balance transfer work?

When you request a balance transfer, we will either BPAY® funds or arrange a cheque to your nominated card account and debit this to your Macquarie card account. Please allow up to five business days after card activation for balance transfer requests to be processed. Balance transfers are subject to the Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions.

Please note that you won’t receive your 55-day interest free period if you have a balance transfer on your card.

What is the limit for balance transfers?

The limit on balance transfers is equal to the credit limit on your card, less $500. If the amount of your balance transfer exceeds your limit, we’ll contact you before processing your request. The minimum balance transfer is $500.

When can I request a balance transfer?

You can request a balance transfer when you apply for a card or any time after by completing a balance transfer request through Macquarie Online.

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