Wrap cash accounts

Your super or pension wrap account has a central cash account, through which all regular transactions into or out of your account are processed.

This includes superannuation contributions, pension payments, fees and charges.

Minimum cash requirements

You need to hold a minimum amount of cash in your account. Here are the minimums for our product suite:

  • Macquarie Consolidator - $1,000
  • Macquarie Manager $1,000
  • Macquarie Consolidator II – Elevate - $1,000
  • Macquarie Consolidator II – Engage - $500
  • Macquarie Manager II - $1,000
  • Macquarie Accumulator - $250

If there is insufficient cash in the cash account to meet any fees or costs, or if the cash account drops below the cash minimum, the Trustee may sell down assets to replenish your wrap cash account balance.

How to see your cash holdings

Cash is a defensive asset and plays an important part in preserving wealth in times of market volatility and meeting any obligations that may arise such as purchases or repayments.

It’s important to know how much cash you have in your portfolio to ascertain your financial position. For a complete view:

  • You can use the asset allocation report to determine your cash holdings.
  • You can check your cash balance in the portfolio valuation report.

Asset allocation report

The portfolio asset allocation report also incorporates the asset allocation within each managed fund. A managed fund is an investment fund that pools monies from a range of investors to buy assets such as cash, shares, bonds, and listed property trusts.

If a managed fund has invested in cash and cash equivalents, then this holding is represented in the overall cash allocation in portfolio. This represents your indirect investment in cash assets (via each managed fund) along with direct cash held in your cash account.

The asset allocation displayed is for the total portfolio (ie including any retail managed fund holdings and other assets). The detailed asset allocation report further breaks down investment holdings as per asset classes and differentiates between direct cash and managed fund cash holdings.

Portfolio valuation report

The portfolio valuation report shows the current market value of assets in a client’s portfolio including direct cash held in the client’s cash account available for withdrawing or trading (it’s important to take into consideration any pending transactions that can affect available cash).

To top-up insufficient cash, you can either deposit cash into your cash account which can be used for trading or sell down investments to create available cash for withdrawals.

The cash transaction report also shows transaction details and cash amount held in the cash account.

Interest rates on cash balances

Your Super Accumulator, Super Manager, Pension Manager, Super Consolidator or Pension Consolidator wrap cash account pays a variable interest rate. The current interest rates can be found here.

If you have an Investment, Super or Pension account you can use one of the below links to view the current interest rates you’re receiving on your cash balance:

See locations for cash transactions

In Macquarie Online Banking, you’ll be able to see the location of where your transaction was made in the right pane of each transaction detail:

  1. Hover over menu icon in top left-hand corner
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Select Investment Cash account
  4. Select the relevant transaction
  5. View the location map in the transaction detail area.

We’ll display all data wherever possible. However, sometimes merchants don’t send us location information when you make a payment.

Please note that only the 60 most recent locations will be mapped.

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