Fees you may be charged

Depending on the type of cash account you have you may be charged a:

  • Wrap cash account investment fee: charged by the Responsible Entity of the Cash Account managed investment scheme before returns are credited to unit holders.
  • Cash Administration Fee or Cash Hub Administration Fee: charged by the Trustee of the Macquarie Superannuation Plan on the balance of your Cash Account or Cash Hub, deducted from the interest before the interest is credited to member accounts.
  • Administration fee: charged by the Trustee of the Macquarie Superannuation Plan on the balance of each of your holdings in your wrap account, which may include the Cash Account/Hub, and deducted monthly, not from the investment returns. This amount can be seen in statements and online in the transaction listing.

Some cash accounts may have an additional fee that applies. These are disclosed in the relevant offer document and the Super Investment Menu or IDPS Investment Menu available online. You can find these here.

Temporary fee waivers

Super & Pension Consolidator does charge wrap administration fees on the cash account. However, these fees have been waived on a temporary basis, effective 1 September 2019. We’ll let you know if these fees are going to be reinstated.

Maximum fee on cash amounts

If you have a Super Accumulator, Super Manager I or Pension Manager I account, you may be aware that we introduced a Cash Administration Fee for the wrap cash account that has a maximum of 1.23% pa, effective 25 September 2020.

The interest rate you receive and the fees you pay are dependent upon the interest rate the Trustee receives on the cash deposit.

Implementing a maximum fee ensures that we won't charge you a Cash Administration Fee higher than 1.23% pa.

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