Add a card to Google Pay via the Macquarie Mobile Banking app

You will need the latest version of the Macquarie Mobile Banking app to set up Google Pay, which you can download from the app store on your device:

  1. Search: Macquarie Mobile Banking in the app store and download the app
  2. Log in to the Macquarie Mobile Banking app with your Macquarie ID and Password
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your passcode/fingerprint verification.

Once you have the latest version of the app open, accounts with a linked debit card will be displayed in the dashboard that can be added to your Google wallet:

  1. Click on the Account card icon
  2. Click I want to
  3. Click Manage card
  4. Click Add card to Google Pay
  5. Click Next. Read the Terms and Conditions
  6. Click Agree if you accept
  7. Your card is now added to Google Pay.

Add a card to Google Pay from your Google Wallet

  1. Download the Google Pay app from your app store
  2. Open the Google Pay app on your device and tap the + sign
  3. In the app, take a photo of your card or manually enter your card information
  4. Accept Macquarie Terms of Use for Google Pay
  5. Follow the on-screen verification process.

You can have multiple credit cards, debit cards and loyalty cards on Google Wallet.

To set your Macquarie card as your default payment card, tap the digital Macquarie card and select Default for contactless.

Google Pay is available for eligible cardholders with the:

  • Macquarie Debit Card
  • Macquarie Black Card
  • Macquarie Platinum Card
  • Macquarie RateSaver Card.

Watch how to add a card to Google Pay

Watch how your card is verified in Google Pay

Remove a card from Google Pay

  1. Open the Google Pay app and tap on the card you wish to remove
  2. Tap on the settings icon on the top right corner and select remove payment method
  3. Read prompt and tap yes, remove.

Just un-installing the Google Pay app, without first removing your card, will not automatically remove your card from Google Pay. You need to remove your card first.

Replacement cards will work automatically

If you’ve been issued with a replacement card due to damage or expiry, your Device Account Number is connected to your new card number automatically. You can use your updated card in Google Pay to make purchases before receiving your new physical card.

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