How to prepare your device

To set up the Macquarie Authenticator app on your device, all you need is a registered Australian mobile number, your Macquarie ID and password.

Follow the steps below to set up and verify Macquarie Authenticator on your device.

Step 1: Download the Macquarie Authenticator app

The Macquarie Authenticator app is free to download from your app store – just search for ‘Macquarie Authenticator’. Or you can use these links:

Step 3: Finalise set up

  1. Click Confirm on the Important Information screen
  2. Click Next
  3. Enter the SMS safe code that has been sent to your mobile (If you already have registered Macquarie Authenticator on another device, you will be asked to verify from that device)

4. If this is the first time installing Macquarie Authenticator you will be prompted to:
5. Enable push notifications

6. Review a training simulator
7. Click Done.

Once the setup process is complete, your device will automatically receive actionable push notifications when prompted to verify actions or account changes.

Install Macquarie Authenticator on multiple devices

You will need to add your Macquarie ID on each device and verify through other Macquarie Authenticator apps that you have already registered.

Manage devices connected to Macquarie Authenticator

To view your devices in Macquarie Online Banking:

  1. Select the settings  icon from the side menu, or first click on the menu icon in top left-hand corner to display the side menu
  2. Select Security settings
  3. Scroll down to Connected devices and select Manage on the device of your choice.

To view your devices in the Macquarie Mobile Banking app:

  1. Select the menu icon in the icon bar from the bottom right corner
  2. Select Security
  3. Select Other Options
  4. Select Connected devices and select Manage on the device of your choice.

Need to update the Macquarie Authenticator app?

  1. Open the Apple App Store or Google App Store on your device and search ‘Macquarie Authenticator’ or use the links below.
  2. Click Update next to the lock icon
  3. Once the update has finished, you can use it as usual.


For more information please read Notifications for Macquarie Authenticator.

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