Your available accounts will be listed in the account list on your dashboard when you log in. All payment functionality is available for these accounts.

To view your bank account details, including product names, account/borrower names, and account nicknames in the Macquarie Mobile Banking app:

  1. Select the account from the account list
  2. Select the I want to button
  3. Select View account details in the menu.

Types of accounts you can see in the app

  • Macquarie Transaction Account
  • Macquarie Savings Account
  • Macquarie Business Savings Account
  • Macquarie Home Loan (including Offset Account)
  • Macquarie Car Loan (available if your car loan account number has 9 digits ("XXXXXXXXX”) and a BSB of 182-182)
  • Macquarie Credit Card
  • Macquarie Cash Management Account
  • Macquarie Cash Management Accelerator Account
  • Macquarie Consolidator Cash Account
  • Macquarie Term Deposit
  • Macquarie Vision
  • Macquarie Wrap
  • Macquarie Online Trading (MOT)*.

*You can view your MOT portfolio balance on the Macquarie Mobile Banking app. For further information visit Login and mobile trading.

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