Get started

The Macquarie Mobile Banking app is free to download from the app store: 

Once you’ve downloaded the app, follow the on-screen prompts to link your account details.

  1. Enter your Macquarie ID and password
  2. Select and confirm a four-digit PIN for logging into the app
  3. Choose to use Touch ID (iOS) or biometrics (Android) for fingerprint or facial recognition login to the app (optional).

You'll need to log in and set your password on Macquarie Online before using the app. After that you can set up or customise the app.

Log out of Macquarie Mobile Banking app

Logging out of the Macquarie Mobile Banking app at the end of your session will help keep your account secure.

  1. Select the menu  icon in the icon bar from the bottom right corner
  2. Select Log out.

You’ll also be logged out of your session after a period of inactivity.

Update your Macquarie Mobile Banking app

We regularly enhance the security and fraud controls on the Macquarie Mobile Banking app. From time to time this means the latest updates to the app must be installed.

For instructions, refer to Update your Macquarie Mobile Banking app.

What if your mobile device isn’t compatible with the Macquarie Mobile Banking app?

You can continue to access your accounts and transact via Macquarie Online Banking from your desktop computer, laptop, mobile or tablet via a browser like Safari or Chrome.

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