Types of payments available

You can make deposits to your Macquarie Business Savings Account using:

  • Electronic deposits – between your Macquarie accounts or from an account held with another financial institution by quoting your BSB and Account number.
  • Direct credits – automatic deposits of funds into your Account.
  • NPP Payments – receive deposits into your Account by providing your PayID® (for example, your mobile number) or by quoting your BSB and Account number. Registering a PayID with Macquarie and linking it to your account is optional.
  • Real time gross settlement (RTGS) payment – you will need to provide all the details required by the transferring bank. Information on how to use each of these deposit methods is available online.

All deposits to your Business Savings Account must be made in Australian dollars (AUD).

You can make payments from your Macquarie Business Savings Account using:

  • Internal Transfers – made via Electronic Banking between your Macquarie accounts.
  • Pay Anyone Payments – from your Macquarie account to an account held with another Australian bank. Pay Anyone Payments may be processed via direct entry (including scheduled and recurring payments) or via NPP.
  • BPAY®– make payments to BPAY Billers from your Account.
  • PayID Payments – make NPP Payments from your Account to a PayID.
  • PayTo – a digital alternative to direct debits that allows you to easily authorise and manage payments directly from your Business Savings Account to a business or merchant. Learn more about PayTo.
  • Direct Debit – you can authorise a business or individual to debit funds from your Account (including on a regular basis) by quoting your BSB and Account number.

Read more about payment types and payment limits.

Please note that the following features and/or services are not currently available with the Business Savings Account: 

  • Debit card  
  • Cash  deposits
  • Bank cheques  and cheque deposits
  • Macquarie Merchant Services (MMS)
  • DEFT

PayID is a registered trademark of NPP Australia Limited.
®Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

Update your business structure

To add a director to your account please first ensure ASIC has been updated, then complete and return the following documents to digitalbusiness@macquarie.com:   

Please note that certification must be within the last 12 months. A full list of persons qualified to certify your copies can be found on the Individual Identification Form. 

Remove a director from your Business Savings Account 

To remove a director from your account please first ensure ASIC has been updated and send a request through to digitalbusiness@macquarie.com.  

Shareholding Changes 

If your company shareholdings have changed, please email us at digitalbusiness@macquarie.com.

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