Credit cards may be made available as part of a new Macquarie home loan package. Speak to a Macquarie home loan specialist or your broker to find out if a credit card can be packaged with your home loan.

For Business Bank clients, speak to your relationship manager who can assist you with a credit card application.

For Private Bank clients, speak to your adviser who can assist you with a credit card application.

What you need to apply 

Before you apply for a credit card, make sure you have everything you need handy: 

  • Current email address and mobile phone number so you can safely use your account online and in the app  
  • Identity documents 
  • Proof of income, including payslips or statements 
  • Details of any debts you currently hold, including balances, limits and monthly repayments 
  • Monthly living expenses such as groceries, utilities and insurances.

Before we can provide you with a financial service, it’s a regulatory requirement that we verify your identity and your financial information. See how we verify your identity.

How long it takes for your credit card to open 

We’ll open your account once your application is approved. The timing depends on how quickly we can verify your identity and complete our assessment of your income documentation. We’ll email you to let you know if your application is successful and when your account is open and ready to use.

Why your application may be unsuccessful 

An application may be unsuccessful if your circumstances didn’t meet certain acceptance criteria or regulatory conditions for the product, or if we didn’t receive all the required documentation.

For all other Macquarie customers, please get in touch with one of our consultants using live chat for more information on credit card applications.

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