When applying for a credit card, you will need to enter your share of monthly living expenses.

Below is a list of living expenses you should consider:

  • Clothing and personal care e.g. footwear, beauty products
  • Groceries e.g. meat, fruit, vegetables, toiletries, cleaning products
  • Insurance e.g. health, home and contents, car, life, pet
  • Transport e.g. all public transport costs, motor vehicle costs such as petrol, maintenance, registration (excluding any motor vehicle loan repayments)
  • Medical and Health e.g. regular prescriptions, doctor visits, dental, physio, vet bills
  • Recreation and entertainment e.g. movies, concerts, shows, eating out, travel
  • Childcare e.g. day care and preschool fees, nannies, before and after school care
  • Education e.g. school fees and contributions, ongoing professional development costs, general education costs
  • Telephone and internet e.g. mobile and land lines, internet and streaming services
  • Owner occupied and/or investment property utilities and rates e.g. water and council rates, body corporate, electricity, ongoing maintenance costs

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