Step one – do some research

See this related article which provides some suggestions of what you can check yourself, before lodging a formal dispute: Why doesn't the merchant name on my credit card transaction match the name of the store?

Step two - get in touch with the merchant

After doing some research yourself in step one, you may feel your transaction needs further investigation. We suggest you get in touch with the merchant and ask them to clarify the transaction. If they can’t help, we’re happy to manage the dispute on your behalf. Simply call us on 1300 150 300 (+61 2 8232 1684), 24/7 to raise the request. Once you get in touch with us, we’ll provide you with more information and let you know what else you may need to do.

We can investigate a transaction:
  • that you don’t recognise
  • that’s been duplicated
  • where the amount is incorrect
  • where goods or services are not received
  • where goods are not as described
  • where payments you’ve cancelled still go through in error
  • when an ATM has dispensed your cash incorrectly.

We can’t investigate:
  • when you regret a purchase you’ve made
  • when you change your mind about a purchase.

If your query is regarding an incorrect transaction with a business, please contact that business directly to discuss your query.

If you think you didn’t authorise a particular transaction, you may also be able to dispute it under the ePayments Code. In some cases, the timeframes for reporting an unauthorised transaction to us may be longer under this process than under the disputes process outlined above. You can by find out more by calling us on 1300 150 300.

How long does it take for a transaction dispute to be resolved?

The process to dispute a transaction can take some time. This is because the external parties involved have certain timeframes to respond. Some may be quicker than others, depending on how responsive the merchant and other parties involved are. Please see below for an overview of the process and timeline.
  • Day 1 - Once you let us know about the transaction, the transaction in question will still appear on your statement, but it will not be part of calculations relating to interest. It will also not be part of minimum payment amount calculations. If you have a direct debit set up on your account, the disputed amount will not be part of the direct debit payment amount. You will not be liable to pay for the transaction until the dispute is resolved.
  • Day 5-14 - We’ll let you know if you’re required to complete a dispute form. If so, please complete it and send it back to us within 14 days of receipt. In order for our team to meet certain timeframes and conditions, it’s important that you return the completed form so we can get started with the investigation as soon as possible.
  • Day 5-35 - We may contact the merchant’s bank for supporting documents relating to the transaction. The merchant’s bank has 30 days to respond. During that time, you won’t hear from us until we have further information for you.
  • Day 35-45 - Once we receive the transaction receipts from the merchant’s bank, we may have to send this information for you to check. If you disagree with this information and wish to continue with your dispute, let us know within 14 days. If we don’t hear back from you within 14 days about this information, we’ll assume that you don’t want to continue with the dispute and we will close the case.
  • Up to day 90 - We must allow the merchant’s bank 45 days to respond to our chargeback. Please check your email for any updates. We will write to you about the outcome of the investigation. You can also call us on 1300 150 300 and quote your dispute case number.

We do encourage you to contact us right away if you see or receive a notification of a suspicious or unauthorised transaction on your account. The sooner we know about the matter, the sooner we can act and start the formal dispute process.
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Thank you. If you’d like to provide further feedback about your recent experience, please head to our Feedback and Complaints page.

Thank you. If you’d like to provide further feedback about your recent experience, please head to our Feedback and Complaints page.

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