Location services are available in the Macquarie Mobile Banking app. We don’t pass your information on to third parties.

Travelling overseas

The Macquarie Mobile Banking app automatically enables “travel mode” when it detects that you’re travelling (using non-location information, such as date and time). Extra features become available in your app, such as exchange rate, card information and international support details. Account information and other functionality are still available as normal.

Depending on the settings of your phone, the Macquarie Mobile Banking app may not detect travel correctly in limited circumstances.

Travelling within Australia

With your permission, the Macquarie Mobile Banking app uses location information within Australia to help with your account security and functionality.

Location information is only used for features which are useful to you. For example:

  • We may use location data to detect when you’re at the airport, so we can remind you to let us know of any overseas travel.  
  • When you take your banking security to the next level and choose Enhanced or Ultimate security levels, we show you where certain transactions have has taken place. See how to change your security level..

Enable or disable location services

  1. Log in to the Macquarie Mobile Banking app (using the latest version)
  2. Select the menu  icon in the icon bar from the bottom right corner  
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Location services.
  5. Select ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’

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