Apply for a margin loan

When you apply for a Macquarie Online Trading (MOT) account, you can select to apply for a margin loan.

Please note, you can’t open a margin loan for an existing MOT account or an SMSF account. You’ll need to open a new account and transfer the holdings across as the assets are required as collateral against the loan with your margin loan provider.

Benefits and risks of margin loans

A margin loan allows you to borrow money by using your existing portfolio holdings as security.  

By accessing more funds, you can increase the amount you’ve invested which can lead to higher profit or bigger losses. 
Macquarie Online Trading has the ability to integrate with a Bell Potter Capital margin loan which means you can view real time data for credit limits, loan balances, available funds and portfolio balances all within the Macquarie Online Trading website. 
To find out more about our margin loan solution and its benefits and risks, visit our Direct Margin Loan page.

How the application for a margin loan works

Once you have applied for an MOT account with a Bell Potter Capital Margin Loan, we’ll open your Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA) (if requested) and MOT account. 

Once we have all the requirements and have opened your MOT account, you’ll receive an email with a prefilled application and credit limit request for a Bell Potter Capital Margin Loan. These documents must be completed and sent along with the original signed documents and supporting documents to:

Macquarie Online Trading 
GPO Box 1630 
Sydney, NSW 2001

We aim to have your application and credit limit request reviewed and approved within 5 business day where we’ve received all the necessary documentation. Where a HIN transfer is also requested, it will take a few extra days while the other broker approves the HIN transfer to your MOT account. 
Once approved, we’ll send you an email advising you of your loan and account details.

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