Send PayID payments

You can make a payment to a PayID via the Macquarie Mobile banking app or Macquarie Online Banking.

Please note that you'll need to set up PayID first before you can use it. See How to set up or remove PayID for more information.

To make a payment from the Macquarie Mobile Banking app:

  1. Select the $ icon on the front screen
  2. Select Make a payment
  3. Select a PayID from your payee list, or add a new PayID by selecting Pay new
  4. Enter the amount and add an optional description (including emojis) for the payee, then select Next
  5. Select the edit icon to change the account from which the payment should come
  6. Check all details are correct. Select Pay, then Confirm
  7. You can optionally print or forward a receipt of the transaction via the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

To make a payment from Macquarie Online Banking:

  1. Select the $ icon from the side menu; or first click on the menu icon in top left-hand corner to display the side menu
  2. Select the account the payment should come from
  3. Select the payee (PayID) from your payee list, or add a new payee (PayID) to your biller list 
  4. Enter the amount and an optional description (including emojis) for the payee
  5. Include payment details like notes, attachments and categorisation. These are optional and won’t be visible to the payee
  6. Select Review payment
  7. Check all details are correct and select Confirm transfer.

When paying to a PayID, you will be presented the PayID Name which represents the title of the account that you’re paying to. You should ensure that the PayID Name accurately represents the person you’re intending to pay before continuing with the payment. Any queries about the PayID Name that you’re paying should be directed to the payee.

Receive PayID payments

Once you create your PayID, you can tell payers to make payments to your PayID (for example your mobile number), instead of having to remember your BSB and account number.

After you set up a PayID, you don’t need to do anything to receive a real time payment. Payments made to you will appear in your account transaction history (you’ll see who sent you the money and a long description).

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