Send and receive real-time payments

Macquarie clients will be able to send and receive real-time payments using their Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA) via the New Payments Platform (NPP). This is applicable to the following cash accounts:

  • Macquarie Cash Management Account
  • Macquarie Consolidator Cash Account
  • Macquarie Wrap Cash Account
  • Macquarie Vision Cash Account
  • Bell Potter Cash Management Service
  • Wrap Invest Cash Account
  • Wrap Cash Account.

Sending payments

You can send real-time payments from your CMA internally (to Macquarie Transaction, Savings, Business Savings, Offset or Cash Management accounts) or externally to other NPP-enabled institutions. Please read Payment cut off and processing times for other types of payment processing times.

Receiving payments

To receive real-time payments directly to your CMA, simply provide your Macquarie BSB and Account Number to the payer. 

NPP is a free service and you'll not be charged for using it. You can check which financial institutions are set up with NPP.

You can also view your transaction history and periodic account statements via Macquarie Online Banking and the Macquarie Mobile Banking app.

You’ll continue to receive real-time payments on the Macquarie Cash Management Accelerator and Macquarie Vision Savings Account via NPP. Transfers to the linked Macquarie Cash Management Account and Macquarie Vision Cash Account are already real-time.  

What's next?

As we continue to invest in our product, we’ll be adding more functionalities, and will keep you updated as we launch new features.

Can I receive an international payment in real time with NPP?

No, at this stage the NPP supports domestic payments only. 

I have sent a payment, but it hasn't arrived yet

In the event that you are attempting to send a payment from your CMA to an account which is not real-time enabled, your payment will be processed via Direct Entry.

If you’re sending an outbound real-time payment, please read Payment processing times and ensure account details are correct.

If you require assistance processing your payment, see Transfer money or make a payment from your account.

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