How it works

Adviser Initiated Payments (AIP) is available for a number of different payment types including: 

  • PayAnyone, available to any account in Australia with a limit of $500,000 per day
  • transfers to any nominated account
  • unlimited BPAY® payments (subject to BPAY biller code amount limits).

If you’d like to make a payment to a new payee or BPAY biller, you can add the payee or BPAY biller to your list of saved payees and billers, whilst making a payment. 

The new payee or BPAY biller won’t appear under the Saved payees and billers section of the ‘Account or biller you’re paying to’ until the payment is fully authorised. 

To add a new payee or BPAY biller

  1. Log into Adviser Online
  2. Search for the client or account you want to make the payment from in the global account search bar 
  3. Choose the account
  4. Select Make a payment 
  5. The make a payment screen will open
  6. Select Add new payee or biller
  7. Enter the BSB or biller code
    • For new payees, enter the Account number and Account name 
    • For new BPAY billers, enter the Customer reference number
  8. If you would like to save the new payee or BPAY biller in the ‘Account or biller you’re paying to’ dropdown, select the Save biller or Save payee option. 
  9. Select Use biller or Use payee
  10. Complete the remaining payment details.

Delete a saved payee or BPAY biller

You can delete a saved payee or BPAY biller from the list of saved payees and billers, in the Make a payment flow in Adviser Online. 

  1. Log in to Adviser Online
  2. From the global search bar, search for the account associated with the payee or biller you want to delete 
  3. Choose the account
  4. Select  Payment
  5. Select Delete (bin) next to the payee or biller
  6. Select Yes, delete to delete the payee or biller.

Please note, deleting a payee or BPAY biller in Adviser Online won’t remove it from your client’s personal list of payees and BPAY billers they have created or maintained in Macquarie Online Banking or the Macquarie Mobile Banking app. 

You can’t delete payees or BPAY billers from the ATO, Linked accounts, Nominated accounts or Client accounts sections of the dropdown list. 

If you’re experiencing issues with AIP, see Why is Adviser Initiated Payments (AIP) not working?

Payment Authorisation

Depending on your authority level and the payment type, the payment may require authorisation by your client. 

If the payment requires authorisation by your client, refer to our Help Centre article Adviser initiated payments to learn more.

If you have Limited Funds Transfer Authority (LFTA) you’ll will be able to create a payment between linked accounts, without client authorisation. Linked accounts include, Macquarie Vision Savings (CMHV) to Macquarie Vision Cash (CMHM) and Macquarie Cash Management (CMA) accounts.

If you hold tax authority against your client’s account, any tax payments won’t require further client authorisation.  

If the payment doesn’t require authorisation: 

  1. Review the details of the payment and select Confirm transfer 
  2. The details of the payment will be presented on the Send payment screen. From here you can Print confirmation, make another payment from this account, go to manage payments, or go to transaction history for the cash account.

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