The following documents may be available for your contract depending on your loan type. To help secure your information, we may need to password protect the document. We’ll provide your password to you over the phone or send it to you via SMS.

Click here for instructions on how you can request the documents listed below.

Payout Letter

This letter includes the payout figure at the time of request to finalise your loan. It includes the amount owed, contract expiry date and payment details. Please note paying out a loan early may incur additional fees and charges.

If you have a YourLease account, log in to get your payout letter.

Consumer Loan statement

A statement includes all transactions made on your Consumer Loan contract, including the breakdown of principal, interest and any fee components. Statements are available for Consumer Loans only.

Interest Amortisation Schedule

This document will provide a payment schedule for the loan term, showing both the principal and interest component of each payment. The interest Amortisation Schedule is only available for Chattel Mortgage and Commercial Hire Purchase.

Contract Summary Letter

This letter provides an overview of your current account status. This includes account information, payment schedule, loan balance and payout figure.

Payment History

A statement reflecting all previous transactions made on your loan account. This document does not provide a breakdown of principal and interest components.

If you have a YourLease account, log in to get your payment history.

Statement of Transactions

A statement of transactions displays all payments made on your contract since its commencement date. This is only available for certain Finance Leases (e.g. those that are not currently under a novation agreement or externally managed).

Copy of contractA copy of your original contract.
Residual value /
Balloon letter
A letter specifying the residual value or balloon amount payable on your contract, the payment due date and payment details.
Payout Breakdown Letter

Consumer Loan

A document that will show the breakdown and calculation of your current payout figure on a Consumer Loan. These components will include your Principal Balance, Accrued Interest and an Early termination fee if applicable.

Commercial Loan

A document that will show the calculation of your current payout figure on a commercial loan. The payout figure is calculated as the present value of the sum of the following plus GST where applicable. The early termination rate/discount rate (as per the contract) is used to calculate the present value.

  • Any and all amounts in arrears (if any); plus
  • The present value of the remaining instalments which haven’t yet become due under the contract; plus
  • The present value of the residual value or balloon; plus
  • Any fees and charges payable on termination.
Letter of Authority form

Complete this form if you want to authorise a third party to act on your behalf in relation to your car loan. Once completed, please send it to

A third party may be authorised for Full Authority, Payout Only or Payment information. A description of each level of access is outlined below:

Full Authority
Full authority will grant access to all personal and account information and allow the authorised person to negotiate and agree on your behalf. Furthermore, the authorised party will be allowed to incur fees on your behalf.

Payout only
This will allow the party to obtain payout information only which includes: residual value amount, balloon payment or payout due dates and amounts only.

Payment info

This will allow the authorised party to obtain information relating to the frequency, due dates, amounts of repayments and end of finance payments.

Direct debit formComplete this form if you want to update your direct debit details. If you’ve entered your contract through Esanda, please complete the Esanda form . Once completed, please send it to
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Thank you. If you’d like to provide further feedback about your recent experience, please head to our Feedback and Complaints page.

Thank you. If you’d like to provide further feedback about your recent experience, please head to our Feedback and Complaints page.

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