What you can do

We always work hard to keep your money safe and there are things you can do to improve the security of your personal information.

Visit our Scams Hub

The Scams Hub helps you learn more about how to spot scams and protect yourself against them.

Reach 100% completion on your security setup

Your security set up will reach 100% completion when you’ve completed the following actions:

  1. Upgrade your security level from to Enhanced to Ultimate.
  2. Trust a familiar browser on your computer that you feel secure accessing your Macquarie Online Banking with.
  3. Download our Macquarie Mobile Banking app and enable push notifications
  4. Download our Macquarie Authenticator app and enable push notifications.

You can check and update your banking security in Security settings.

In Macquarie Online Banking:

  1. Select the Cog menu at the bottom of left-hand menu
  2. Select Security.

In the Macquarie Mobile Banking app:

  1. Select the menu icon in the icon bar from the bottom right corner
  2. Select Security.

Check you’re using the real Macquarie website and Macquarie Mobile Banking app

Our digital tools are designed make managing your money simple and convenient while keeping your personal information secure. Follow the steps below to make sure you’re using the real Macquarie website and app.

Macquarie Online Banking

  • If you’re ever in doubt, type out the address in full www.macquarie.com.au
    • Macquarie.com will lead you to the Macquarie Group site
  • Our site has secured status recognised by all major browsers. Look for the green padlock in your browser next to the address bar to verify it
  • Our site will never ask you to directly enter your credit card or bank account information into it.

Macquarie Mobile Banking app

The Macquarie Mobile Banking app is available on your app store:


All our apps are published by Macquarie Bank Limited – if you see something purporting to be Macquarie from another publisher, don’t download it.

Set up Voice ID

Voice ID is a secure method that lets you use your voice to verify your identity when you call us. This streamlines the identification process making it faster and safer for you. 
Voice ID is not a recording of your voice. Your voice print is a numeric sequence representing your unique voice. It’s captured and stored in a secure location using industry-leading encryption methods. Importantly, your voice print can’t be played back and can’t be used to reverse engineer your voice.

Why use Voice ID?

  • Voice ID is more convenient than answering multiple security questions. It works in the background to identify your identity while you speak with us.
  • Your voice print is unique like your fingerprint. Voice ID is a secure and easy way to verify your identity.
  • We can capture and store fraudulent voice prints that can be shared across our businesses to assist with fraud prevention.

How to set up Voice ID

The next time you call us, you’ll be given the option to enrol in Voice ID. Setting up Voice ID won’t make your call any longer. During the call we’ll record you speaking to capture the distinct unique characteristics of your voice in a voice print. We can then use your voice print to verify your identity the next time you call us.

Contact us if you suspect a breach

If you suspect an incidence of fraud or a data breach, please follow these steps immediately.

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