If you’re currently accessing online and mobile banking in View Only mode, and you would like to authorise transactions and other activity electronically (such as payments and updates to your personal details), simply contact us.

You will need to provide us with your mobile number to move from View Only mode. Having a mobile number is an essential part of multi-factor authentication in electronic banking. Once we have your mobile, you’ll be able to authorise transactions and other activity on your account/s such as logins and updates to personal details. This extra layer of security helps ensure that your account/s remain safe and secure.

What does this mean for Third Party Authorities?

Please note that if you’re a third party and the account owner/s have granted you with transact access, we will need to confirm your mobile number if you haven’t already provided it to us for your transact access to remain in place. Your mobile number will then be used to verify transactions and other account activity as part of our multi-factor authentication process which is outlined above. 
For more information about third party authorities, refer to View or update your details.

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