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Access the funds you need to undertake property maintenance and refurbishment works.
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Tim MacKenzie

Features and benefits

A Strata Improvement Loan assists you with funding large-scale capital works.

  • 1 to 10 year loan terms are available for residential strata plans.1
  • 1 to 5 year loan terms are available for commercial or mixed property types.1

Simple repayments

Loan repayments can be incorporated into your quarterly strata levies, reducing your need to rely on raising special levies.


Bundle multiple repairs

Bundle financing for multiple repairs into one project to minimise disruption to owners and tenants. 


No personal guarantee

No personal guarantees or mortgages are required to secure the loan by individual lot owners.1


Upfront funding 

Funds are available faster than traditional strata funding options, so works can begin sooner.

Rates and fees


Interest rates can vary based on a range of factors, including your loan size, loan purpose and your loan term. An interest rate discount1 may also apply if your Strata Plan banks with Macquarie. 

Request a call to find out what interest rate is available to you. 


Establishment fee*$500
Establishment fee partly paid as a commitment fee$500


*If no commitment fee is paid, then the establishment fee is $1,000.

Any additional fees will be detailed in the loan contract.

How to apply

Speak to the bank that takes your business further.

What’s next?

When you request a call, we’ll ask you a few quick questions so we can match you with the right industry specialist. They’ll get to know more about your business before taking you through a range of solutions.

Strata committee member?

If you're a strata committee member, please contact your strata manager who can enquire about our Strata Improvement Loans on your behalf.

Frequently asked questions

  • Owners corporations
  • Bodies corporate
  • Community associations
  • Structural improvements 
  • Aesthetic improvements
  • Energy upgrades
  • Mechanical improvements
  • Repairs and maintenance

A Strata Improvement Loan can have up to 12 months of interest only repayments, subject to credit approval. Loan repayments, post the interest only period, will be structured so that the loan balance is fully repaid by the end of the agreed term. 

If you’re a strata committee member, your strata manager will need to apply for the loan on behalf of your Strata Plan. 

Additional information

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Contact your relationship team or call 1800 442 370 to obtain a copy of our lending terms and conditions. 


Subject to credit approval.