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From considered investment advice, to responsive everyday banking, Macquarie provides you with a private banking experience and guidance reflective of the times.

Every step of the way.

   Welcome to The Private Bank

At Macquarie Private Bank, we're with you every step of the way. As our client, you control your financial future, and your dedicated banker at Macquarie opens the doors that get you there.

Our Private Bank services have been designed to meet the needs of high net worth individuals and families.

Every one of our clients is different, and we find your way together. You have the expertise of Macquarie beside you, helping you make the most of worldwide investments and strategic banking opportunities. You have a relationship built to be passed on across generations. You have the strength of Macquarie.


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Investment advantage

When you choose Macquarie, you tap into deep expertise and specialised knowledge. Investment is in our DNA.

At the Private Bank, as you map out the next few years – and the next few generations – with us, you have the confidence of investing the Macquarie way. We take a truly global perspective on investing and apply the same disciplined and strategic approach to managing your wealth.

You have the advantage of a uniquely Australian global investment bank empowering you to grow and preserve what you’ve created.

  • Global investment scale
  • 50 years of unbroken profitability
  • Focus on your total net return, not just investment gains

Confident relationships

You can have confidence in your relationships here, knowing you have the right people beside you – working together to achieve your ongoing success.

You and your dedicated Private Banker are at the heart of a powerful network of carefully selected experts built on understanding, collaboration and discretion.

Your banker takes the time to understand what is most important to you and your family. Then they build the best team for you, either bringing in your own legal and accounting specialists or referring you to those we know well.

  • Private community events
  • Tailored learning opportunities
  • The world of Macquarie expertise

Strategic banking

At Macquarie Private Bank, we constantly seek out ways to help you bank smarter. Your dedicated Private Banker proactively identifies opportunities to bring banking strategies, like debt management or prioritising an important transaction, to the table in your conversations.

Because Macquarie offers personal and business banking alongside your wealth management, your team can orchestrate a strategy that keeps all your financial concerns moving towards the same goals.

It’s a more thoughtful approach to how you bank, designed to do more for you.

  • Personal banking
  • Business banking
  • Debt management

Enduring prosperity

We can’t control the future, but we can plan for enduring prosperity and prepare the next responsible custodians of your wealth.

The family legacy we create together will be generational in scope. Macquarie Private Bank is here to help you give your loved ones confidence in their future, working together to build their financial knowledge, and empowering them to follow on.

And because we understand your values and vision, we can also guide you in how to make a lasting impact on the causes you are most passionate about.

  • Safeguarding the future
  • Preparing the next generation
  • Building family financial knowledge

Become a client

The Private Bank puts you at the centre of a powerful network of carefully selected experts, working together to achieve your ongoing success. You can expect understanding, collaboration and discretion in everything we do for you.

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