We’re simplifying home loan fees and rates for accounts BSB starting with 183. You’ll receive a letter notifying you of the changes to our fees and reference rates.

What’s a reference rate? 

The reference rate is the standard rate for your product. It is a benchmark rate or ‘base rate’ in our systems that is associated with each different type of loan and is the same for every customer.  

The interest rate you are charged is calculated by subtracting your agreed discount from your reference rate. For example, if the reference rate for your home loan is 6% p.a. and your agreed discount is 2% p.a. then your interest rate is 4% p.a.

While we’re making changes to reference rates to help us serve our customers better, it won’t change your agreed discount or the amount of interest you pay on your home loan.  

See how you can view your home loan repayment amount and interest rate details online.

Changes to fees on your home loan account

We’re simplifying the fee structures on our home loan products by reducing the number of fees that apply to your loan and standardising our fee amounts. To see the fees that apply to you and your home loan, you can refer to the fee table provided in the letter you received notifying you of changes to your fees. 

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