When you insert or swipe your Debit Mastercard to pay in-store you need to select credit to ensure it’s correctly routed to Mastercard. If you press the cheque and savings then your transaction may be declined. 

Tap your card, use Apple Pay or Google Pay for a secure and convenient way to make purchases. Don’t forget, you can tap your card for all transaction amounts, and you may need to enter your PIN for larger transactions.

Will I get surcharged for using debit? 

A surcharge is an extra fee that some merchants may choose to apply, that’s added onto the cost of goods or services. This fee is charged by the merchant, and Macquarie does not benefit from this in any way. This may occur when you press credit at the checkout, or for contactless (tap) transactions when merchant-choice routing is used.

Merchants in Australia may choose to surcharge customers for using a debit, prepaid or credit card. They must clearly display the surcharge amount at either the register or point of payment.

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