What is Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR)?

CCR is the secure exchange of credit information about borrowers between Credit Providers (CPs) like Macquarie Bank and Credit Reporting Bodies (CRBs) such as Equifax. This is an enhancement to the existing Credit Reporting (‘negative’) regime which consists of credit enquiries, defaults and serious credit infringements.

The information shared is now more comprehensive and includes ‘positive’ information such as account open and closed dates, credit types, credit limits and up to 24 months of Repayment History Information (RHI).

We commenced our participation in CCR in December 2019.

What does this mean for me?

As we’re now participating in CCR, this means your Credit Report may contain additional things such as your credit types, credit limits and repayment history.

To ensure repayment history is displayed positively on your Credit Report, it’s important you meet your repayments on time, by the due date. For more information, please visit www.creditsmart.org.au/learn-about-credit

How do I get a copy of my credit report?

You can obtain a free copy of your credit report by contacting Equifax directly.

CCR and financial assistance customers

There’s currently a government-led review of financial hardship arrangements which will dictate how credit reports display RHI for relevant accounts. Once the review has been finalised, we’ll implement necessary changes to the way we share this information.

Find out how we can assist by visiting the Financial assistance page.

Where can I get more information about CCR?

You can find more information about CCR and how to maintain your credit health by visiting the Credit Smart website at www.creditsmart.org.au/learn-about-credit.