1. Macquarie IDs

You must only add a Macquarie ID that belongs to you (and you must not allow another person to add their Macquarie ID) into Macquarie Authenticator on your device.

2. Access to your mobile device

Before using Macquarie Authenticator, you must ensure that only you have access to your mobile device.  This includes setting a screen lock password and, if your mobile device is accessible using biometric authentication, ensuring that your biometric identifiers are the only ones that allow access to your mobile device.

3. Macquarie Authenticator rolling codes are Secret Codes

The security of Secret Codes is your responsibility and is very important as whoever has access to them may be able to transact on your account.  You must protect them accordingly.

4. Unauthorised transactions

If you don’t protect your Macquarie Authenticator rolling codes, you may be liable for any unauthorised transactions that occur as a result.  You should review your relevant account terms and conditions and the electronic banking terms and conditions that apply to your account for more information.

5. Removal of system level restrictions on mobile devices

If you remove (or someone who has access to your mobile device removes) a system level restriction from your mobile device, for example by ‘jailbreaking’ or ‘rooting’ the mobile device, you indemnify us for any loss from fraudulent activity carried out on the mobile device, including in respect of your account.

6. Pay Anyone payment limit for personal banking transaction/offset, savings, home loan and cash management accounts

By using Macquarie Authenticator, you can make daily Pay Anyone payments of up to $100, 000 (the default limit is $20,000 for payments made without Macquarie Authenticator).  Increasing your payment limit may increase your liability for unauthorised transactions.