What is Adviser Request Centre?

Adviser Request Centre allows you to upload completed forms and see that your requests have been received and processed by us, or if we need further information from you.

This is a faster and more secure way to submit requests to us, and we want to save you time by giving you visibility into the status of each request. 

You’ll no longer need to call us to confirm if your request has been received. Once completed forms are uploaded and you’ve submitted the request, you’ll see an on-screen confirmation and be able to track the progress online.


Key information

  • You can submit requests through Adviser Request Centre for both cash and Wrap clients
  • Requests sent to us via email will still appear in Adviser Request Centre for you to track
  • Ensure the form is completed and signed, and all the mandatory fields are completed. This will let us proceed with your request without any delay.

Types of requests

See below for all the request options you can select, and what they relate to. If you can’t see a category that suits the request, you can select All other requests.

Request type
When to select this request type
Amend a pension
Pension update requests
Close an account
Closure request for cash and wrap accounts
Maintain account fees
Fee requests for individual fee changes, ad-hoc fee changes or account fee grouping for wrap accounts
Manage deposits and contributions
Deposit and contribution requests, such as regular payments, direct debits, work tests and more, for cash and wrap accounts
Request a cash withdrawal
Cash withdrawal request, such as cheques, cash transfers, recurring payments, overseas cash transfers, same-day cash transfers and more, for cash and wrap accounts
Switch between Super and Pension
Requests to switch between super and pension wrap accounts
Transfer assets
Requests to transfer assets in or out of a wrap account. For example, share transfers, managed fund transfers, internal asset transfers between two wrap accounts, and more
Update client and account details
Standard account detail updates, such as requests for third-party authority access, change of details/name, nominate/link a bank account, request online services and more, for cash and wrap accounts
All other requestsIf you can’t see a category that suits the request, you can select this option and submit the request

How to upload a form to Adviser Request Centre

  1. Log into Adviser Online
  2. Select Requests from on the Adviser Online menu beneath the Macquarie icon
  3. Select New Request
  4. Search for an account name or number 
  5. Select the category
  6. Select or drag and drop the document(s) you wish to upload
  7. Click on Submit.

If the form doesn’t include an email address at the bottom, you’ll have to post it to us. Some forms you must post include:

  • Australian Standard Transfer Forms
  • Issuer Transfer Request Form.

Processing times

The following provides a general guide to processing times for fully completed forms submitted via the Online Application, Adviser Request Centre or via email.


Request Type
Turnaround time
Cut off (Sydney time) 
Online applications1 business day
Paper applications2 business days
Withdrawal - Cash and Investment accounts (excluding Investment Accumulator)Overnight2pm
Withdrawal – RTGSSame Day12pm
Withdrawal – Super/Pension & Investment Accumulator accountsOvernight 11am
Account Maintenance
Update contact or account details1-2 business days 4pm
Recurring payments1-2 business days4pm
Fees and Adjustments1-2 business days4pm
Super to Pension Switches4-7 business days4pm
Pension set-up2 business days4pm
Pension update requests6 business days1pm
Asset Transfers
Asset Transfers5 business days4pm
Account Closures
Cash account closureOvernight2pm
Investment account closure3 business days11am
Super/pension account closure3 business days11am

Things you need to know

  • The above processing times begin only when all necessary requirements for a request have been received. To avoid any delays, please ensure all forms are complete before submitting.
  • Items received on non-business days or a public holiday will be processed the following business day.
  • Please refer to the important information and terms and conditions on the form for the request you’re submitting. Additional supporting documents may be required for some request types or circumstances.
  • Some requests, such as asset transfers and rollover requests, require us to liaise with third parties, like other platforms or registries. Some third parties may have different cut off times to us and any delays in receiving the information required will impact the time it takes to complete a request.
  • For withdrawal and closure requests, cash must be available in the account before submitting the request. For IDPS accounts, assets must be sold to cash or transferred out before a closure can be completed.
  • The completion time for account closure requests may be impacted by events such as managed fund and distribution payments, or tax processing.
  • Cut-off times may change around EOFY.
  • Your submitted requests may be subject to our verification processes.

What happens when further information is required?

If we need further information from you to process the request, the status will update to say ‘Awaiting Adviser’.

When additional information or documents are required, we’ll contact you (generally within the day, depending on submission time) to request additional information.

If you need to send us more information, you don’t need to find the reference number to accompany the documentation – all the details of your client’s case will be at your fingertips and any additional documents can be uploaded through Adviser Request Centre.

To upload additional documents for a request, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Submit request from the landing page
  2. Select the appropriate files from your computer to upload, or drag and drop the file
  3. Click on Submit.

Once you’ve submitted the additional documents or provided information, the status of the request will update to ‘In Progress’ as we review and continue to process your instructions. You’ll also be able to view any of the documents you’ve uploaded via Adviser Request Centre online.

See case details

  1. Log in to Adviser Online
  2. Select Request Centre from the navigation menu
  3. Once Request Centre has launched, select the case you want to view. This will open the case window where you can view details for a specific case.

Learn more about Adviser Request Centre

Find out more about Adviser Request Centre and expected processing times for different types of requests by viewing the Adviser Request Centre user guide.

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