Transferring from a Macquarie bank account

When you make a payment from a Macquarie account to another Australian bank account, we’ll generally try to send the payment in real time. PayID payments using a mobile number or email address are sent in real time.

When you’re making a payment for the first time to a new payee the funds will generally arrive on the same business day if the transfer was made before 5:00pm (Sydney time).

If the payment was initiated after 5:00pm or on a non-business day, the funds will generally arrive on the next business day.

For a complete list of payment cut off and processing times please read our article Payment cut off and processing times.

Transferring to a Macquarie bank account

When you or someone makes a payment to a Macquarie account from another financial institution, the day your funds arrive is dependent on the other financial institution’s processing times.

You can confirm that a payment has been sent by contacting the sender. We aim to process payments immediately into your account once received by Macquarie.

To receive payments in real time you can tell payers to make payments to your PayID (for example your mobile number), instead of having to remember your BSB and account number.

For more information on PayID please read our article How to send and receive PayID payments.

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