Warning - fraudulent internet banking emails

Emails purporting to be from Macquarie have been sent to a large number of people, including our customers. These emails are fraudulent and similar to those that have affected other organisations.

The emails provide a link that requests login details ie name, Macquarie ID, password, email address.

The purpose of this scam is to fraudulently obtain access to customers’ account details and funds. These emails have not come from Macquarie.

What should you do?

Should you receive any emails requesting your user name or password, etc, delete the email.

Under no circumstances should you reply to the email, click on the link provided or enter any of your personal details. We'll never ask you for your passwords or secure codes via email.

  • If you have provided your personal details please immediately contact Macquarie via your customer service contact.
  • If you receive anything that is suspected to be a new fraudulent activity, please do not respond to it, notify us by email via scams@macquarie.com. If possible please send your contact phone number and the suspect email to this address as an attachment, rather than simply forwarding the email, as this helps to identify the author and source.

What Macquarie is doing

We are taking these frauds very seriously. Macquarie is working with the industry and authorities to try to stop this fraudulent activity. This includes working across jurisdictions to close down the web sites and email addresses used and to trace the people behind these frauds.

How can you avoid being scammed?

The best protection is to follow these rules:

  • Never access Macquarie online sites from a link in an email, particularly sites that require your personal information (Macquarie ID and password). Always type in the full web address.
  • When using Internet Banking check for the locked padlock symbol in your browser.
  • Keep your computer up to date with anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software.
  • Disregard and delete spam, chain and junk email.
  • Avoid using insecure computers such as Internet Cafes for Internet Banking
  • Keep your password secret. Change your password regularly.
  • Regularly check your account activity for unauthorised transactions.
  • Protect your personal information at all times. Learn to protect yourself online. Fact Sheets are available at the Australian Bankers’ Association
  • Be alert to scams. For more information on scams and how to protect yourself you can visit: MoneySmart.gov.au

Additional information

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