As part of our ongoing commitment to evolve Adviser Online, we’ve released some new features.

We’ve focused on aligning our pages, so you receive a consistent experience across all our digital portals.

What you need to know

Fee Calculator

You can now print the fee comparison page from Adviser Online. We’ve also updated some of the disclaimers on the fee reports.

Client Overview

We’re providing client information to you from within Adviser Online. Starting with client information for individuals, from the account dashboard page, you can navigate to the Client overview page and view details such as date of birth, address, phone number and email address of the individual. We’ll be expanding this information to non-individual entities as part of future releases.

‘What’s New’ pop-up window

We’re now able to communicate changes we’re making to Adviser Online via a ‘What’s New’ window. The window is presented at login and provides a brief summary of any new feature. You’ll have the ability to acknowledge this or choose to view it later. The first ‘What’s new’ pop-up window will include all the new and existing features relating to Wrap groups and will only be presented to Macquarie Wrap Advisers.


Side Navigation

We’ve updated the side navigation to highlight the first and second level navigation options, so you know where you are in Adviser Online. Previously we only highlighted the first level navigation option.

Online messages

Adviser Online now recognises when you have read and closed a message, so the same message won’t be presented to you multiple times. We’ve also updated the colour to a blue banner, which is aligned to Macquarie Online.

Account and Transaction List

The accounts and transaction list (including Bulk export) have been aligned to our other digital portals. The new tables also introduce some new functionality, including infinite scrolling and some new column sort options.

Update Password

The Update password page has been aligned to our other digital portals. We’ve also updated your password options, so you won’t be able to select a password that is considered common, for example - password1. This update password flow also includes new confirmation and error pages to be more intuitive for you.


We’ve enhanced the design to ensure it’s easier to navigate between the Notifications, Update password, ESI details and Legal pages, by adding sub-navigation options on all these pages.

ESI details

The ESI details pages contain a lot of information so we’ve consolidated this (where possible). We’ve also added buttons to make it easier for you to copy the ESI details password and code.


Wrap Groups

There have been several changes made to Wrap Groups as below:

  • Remove closed accounts from Wrap groups
    You can now remove any closed accounts from Wrap groups via Adviser Online avoiding the need to call us to do this. 
  • Wrap group list page alignment
    The Wrap group list page has been designed to align with our other digital platforms. We’ve also updated the list and details pages to provide a visual indicator of what group type the accounts are included in.
  • Download CSV
    A new download to CSV option has been added to the Group list page.

Providing feedback via Adviser Online

Previously you’ve provided valuable feedback which helps drive our decisions on how to improve the experience online. You can send us comments via Adviser Online by selecting ‘Feedback’ from the main menu or by speaking to your relationship manager.

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