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What is Propensity?

The Propensity Project is a survey of an adviser firm’s end clients. Through the project we aim to uncover the propensity for clients to stay with, recommend, and do more business with the firm. We measure 27 attributes of the advice experience that tell us about client satisfaction and a number of metrics around referrals and retention. We’ve used the results to create a number of resources for you and your firm.

How can Propensity help you and your clients?

Hear what our Head of the Virtual Adviser Network, Sherise Mercer, has to say about the Propensity Project findings and what they may tell you about referrals in your business.
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The Propensity Podcast

The referral blindspots

Your referral pipeline could be one of your biggest growth contributors, but what can you do to ensure that it doesn’t dry up? Macquarie’s Head of the Virtual Adviser Network, Sherise Mercer, and Client Development Manager Shan Chung, discuss the key contributors to referrals based on our Propensity findings.

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