This Code of Conduct ("Code") sets out the minimum standards that Macquarie requires of brokers and the commitments you make each time you interact with Macquarie. The code also applies to your staff and those assisting you.

Professional conduct

1. I will act in a professional, honest, and fair manner, considering community expectations.

2. I will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, regulatory guidelines, and industry codes of practice, and will not act in a misleading, deceptive, or unconscionable manner.

3. I acknowledge the importance of ongoing education and I will ensure that I meet the relevant training and education requirements of the law, any aggregation group I am accredited with, any industry association I am part of, and Macquarie.

4. I will ensure my personal and commercial interests, and any benefits I may receive, will not influence, or prejudice my recommendations or obligations to the customer.

Working with customers

5. I will verify the identity of every customer in accordance with Macquarie’s guidelines and relevant customer identification laws and regulations.

6. I will engage with customers directly, even where the customer has been referred to me by a third party.

7. I will protect the privacy of all customer information.

8. I will ensure that any product I recommend is appropriate in terms of size and structure, is affordable, and meets the customer’s requirements and objectives.   

9. I will provide the customer with whatever information they need to understand the products that are available and provide full details of any product I recommend, including interest rates and fees. 

10. I will not encourage a customer to borrow more than is needed to meet their requirements and objectives.

11. I will attend to any reasonable enquiries from a customer or Macquarie in a timely manner.

12. I will deal with all customer complaints in a timely manner and notify Macquarie when the matter relates to and/or impacts Macquarie.

Working with Macquarie

13. I will follow all procedures, policies and guidelines provided by Macquarie and will not claim to have an authority which I do not have.

14. I will submit applications truthfully, accurately and in accordance with Macquarie’s processes and requirements.

15. I will not submit applications on behalf of others who do not hold a Macquarie accreditation.

16. I will treat Macquarie's staff with courtesy and respect.

17. I will not submit any information that I know or suspect to be incomplete, false, or misleading to Macquarie.

18. I will keep proper records of my processes and practices in accordance with the law and will provide my customer files, information, and data to Macquarie if requested.

19. I will immediately tell Macquarie if I discover any information which would adversely impact Macquarie’s decision to lend to one of my customers.

20. I will immediately tell Macquarie if I discover any fraud, error or breach of law or become aware of a regulatory investigation, litigation or anything which may negatively impact Macquarie, including any change in customer circumstances or any customer complaint about me or Macquarie. I will co-operate with Macquarie in relation to its investigation of any such matter.

21. I will not use Macquarie’s name or logo unless I have consent in writing from Macquarie.

22. I will stop submitting applications to Macquarie if my accreditation is terminated.

Agreeing to the Code

Each time I deal with Macquarie, including when submitting a loan application or any other interaction, I:
  • confirm that I have read and understood this Code
  • agree to comply with, and understand that I am bound by the terms of, this Code
  • will make sure my staff and those assisting us comply with this Code
  • acknowledge that complying with this Code at all times is a condition of my accreditation with Macquarie
  • understand that the Code may change from time-to-time
  • acknowledge that any breach of this Code may result in Macquarie terminating my accreditation and/or taking further steps in connection with my breach.

Additional information

This document has been prepared by Macquarie Bank Limited ABN 46 008 583 542 AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 237502 and Macquarie Leasing Pty Limited ABN 38 002 674 982 Australian Credit Licence 394925 for use by accredited introducers only.