1. Check condition 20 of your Conditions of Use and your Financial Table for details of how your Balance Transfer (“BT”) affects your eligibility for any Interest Free Period.
  2. Macquarie Card Services (“We”) accept BTs of $500 or more from banks, other financial institutions and store cards, to transfer to your Macquarie Bank Credit Card Account (“Account”). We at all times reserve the right not to process your BT.
  3. You are unable to transfer BTs between any account issued by Macquarie Bank and your Account. Foreign currency BTs and BTs to offshore accounts or debit accounts are also excluded.
  4. We will transfer the balances specified by you to your Account, in full or in part, subject to $500 remaining in your available credit limit. If you have multiple BT requests, we will transfer these in the order they appear in your request.
  5. A BT is treated as a Special Promotion under your Conditions of Use and condition 24 sets out how payments are applied to different parts of your balance.
  6. BTs are not eligible for Macquarie Reward points or Qantas Points.
  7. Please allow 5 days from the date of your request or the date your Account is activated (as the case may be) for transfers to be processed. You should continue to make payments on your other accounts, in accordance with their terms and conditions, until you receive a statement from them confirming that your account has been credited. We will not be responsible for any payments (overdue or otherwise) or any interest incurred on your other accounts. Any remaining balances on those accounts after the BT are your responsibility.
  8. After the promotional period, the standard variable interest rate for purchases applies.

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