On 8 November 2023, we updated our Macquarie Home Loans Terms and Conditions Booklet (“T&Cs booklet") for new customers. We’ve done this to clarify and adjust the parties’ rights and update some provisions.

The October 2020 T&Cs booklet applies to any customers who were issued with their booklet prior to us implementing this change. We’re planning to update the Home loan terms and conditions in Part A of your T&Cs booklet when you receive your next statement (in January 2024) or shortly after that. Until then, we’ll treat your loan as if Part A in the November 2023 T&Cs booklet applies (if it is beneficial to you to do this).

We’ll also apply the Mortgage terms and conditions in Part C of your T&Cs booklet consistently with the updated Part A and won’t rely on the clauses titled ‘Statutes’ and ‘Our Certificate’.

For more information, please read the November 2023 version of the Terms and Conditions booklet.

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