Macquarie Home Loan Variable Rate Review Request

(for customer use only)

Looking to request a variable rate review on your current home loan interest rates?​

Variable rate reviews can now be completed securely online via our Macquarie Mobile Banking app or Macquarie Online. During this process, you will be prompted to verify your details via our Macquarie Authenticator security app. If you don't have the Macquarie Authenticator app yet, download it before you get started with your rate review.​

Follow these simple instructions to submit a variable rate review.​

  1. Log into your Macquarie Mobile Banking app or Macquarie Online​
  2. Select your home loan​
  3. Select ‘I want to’ button​
  4. Select ‘Manage home loan’​
  5. Select ‘Review my rate’​

Note: You need to have the latest version of the app downloaded to be able to access the ‘review my rate’ section within the Macquarie Mobile Banking app. You can update the app via the App Store or via the Google Play Store.​​

We'll review your request and let you know the outcome via a notification in your Macquarie Mobile Banking app or Macquarie Online.​

For further information refer to the Your home loan interest help centre article in the section ‘How to submit a variable rate review’.​

If you need assistance with meeting your repayment obligations, we're here to help. Please refer to our Financial assistance page for more information.​

For fixed rate home loan enquiries, please visit this Help Centre article.