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The role of the adviser is changing, and the future is focused on the client.

Advisers and accountants have the opportunity to build stronger relationships by offering personalised experiences at every client touchpoint. To do that, you need a highly skilled and motivated team, and you need to empower that team with technology and systems optimised for automation, efficiency, and productivity.


It's no surprise that focusing on clients is a key driver of success. Skilled advisers will build a deep understanding of a client’s goals and proactively identify areas where those needs aren’t being met.


Top industry performers are confident technology users. Two of the top three drivers for improving profitability are improved efficiencies through better use of technology and optimised processes and office efficiency.


Working with a great team will drive better business performance. Half of the firms who participated in the survey nominated the capability, expertise and diligence of their employees as the things clients valued most about their firms.

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The Propensity Project

The Propensity Project is a survey of an adviser firm’s end clients. Through the project we aim to uncover the propensity for clients to stay with, recommend, and do more business with the firm. We measure 27 attributes of the advice experience that tell us about client satisfaction and a number of metrics around referrals and retention. We’ve used the results to create a number of resources for you and your firm.

Read more about how the Propensity Project findings can help your business thrive in a changing environment. 

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