Client benefits of managed accounts

With a range of benefits including transparency, efficiency and choice, managed accounts can offer an ideal solution for you and your clients. 
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“SMAs allowed us to direct more time to delivering client value.”
Julia Schortinghuis Lighthouse Capital

Cost efficient

Like managed funds, managed accounts can offer lower management, custody and execution costs than retail broking fees.


Managed accounts offer the advantages of dynamic asset allocation, allowing investment managers to move in and out of asset classes quickly to take advantage of emerging opportunities and manage risk.


You and your clients can view the underlying securities held. In changing markets, you can track the performance of individual holdings.

Tax efficient

Managed accounts can provide tax benefits as the tax positions for direct equities are the client's own. Portability of underlying holdings can also help manage any tax implications.


Buy SMAs from our existing menu

Buy SMAs from our existing menu

Through our Macquarie Wrap platform we have a menu of approved SMAs ready to go – access 316 SMA models across 62 managers1, all in a single ecosystem. View our investment menu for the full list of SMAs.

Why choose this option?

This option is the quickest way for you to start using SMAs in your business and realise the benefits they can deliver to you and your clients. You can take advantage of a specialist investment team managing the portfolios and free up more time to spend with your clients.

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Build an SMA

Build an SMA

If your firm has investment management capability backed by a robust strategy, set of controls and methodologies, you may be able to build and/or bring your own SMA to our platform.


Why choose this option?

You can use your own Responsible Entity (RE) structure, or appoint Macquarie as the RE, and keep full control of the investment solution and maintain greater flexibility in determining your investment decisions.


Partnered SMA

Partnered SMA

Jointly manage your SMA model by sharing the responsibility with an experienced and qualified partner. For example, you can work alongside an external investment provider who sets the investment strategy and decisions.


Why choose this option?

You may have some, but not all, of the capability to build your own SMA. This is a good option where you can hold onto some of the responsibilities and leave the rest to a specialist team who are experts in the field.

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SMA investment managers

We have over 316 SMA models across over 62 investment managers1 available to you and your clients on Macquarie Wrap. 

Access the factsheets for each of these investment managers. 

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Macquarie Consolidator II - Engage

Consolidator II Engage offers clients with less complex portfolios access to a menu of cash, term deposits, insurance and SMAs.

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Our managed accounts offer documents

View our offer documents to learn more about the Macquarie managed accounts offering. 


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