What is stamp duty?

Stamp (or transfer) duty is a tax levied by all Australian territories and states on property purchases. The stamp duty a buyer pays can be based on the property purchase price, location and loan purpose. Some states also charge different rates on investment properties than on places of residence.


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Understand your borrowing capacity and home loan repayments with Macquarie.

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Pre-approval will enable you to act quickly when you find the right property.

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A guide to the home buying journey

1. Planning

Begin with the end in mind: why do you want to buy a property? Your goals, strategy and budget should all be designed to support this aspiration.

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Sellers have a team of people behind them, who will be on your side? Professionals like home loan specialists and financial advisers can give you a competitive edge.

3. Find the right home loan

Work with a home loan specialist or mortgage broker to find an option that suits your goals, your finances, and your lifestyle. Remember your loan will likely be a long-term commitment, so think beyond how much you can borrow, and focus on things like flexibility and account options.

4. Pick your property, offer, sign and settle

Be true to your aspirations, goals, strategy and budget when you narrow down your list, and consider engaging professionals to assess the property. If you make an offer on a property, ensure you and your conveyancer or solicitor are happy with the terms of the contract. The whole time, engage with your lender, so they can help see you through to formal home loan approval and settlement.

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Frequently asked questions

Stamp duty is a tax levied by all Australian states and territories on the purchase of property. The amount of stamp duty differs by state or territory and is dependent on the property purchase price, location and property purpose.

Use this tool to calculate how much stamp duty you may need to pay.

Stamp duty is calculated based on the purchase price or the market value of a property, with the rates varying between different states and territories in Australia. Generally, the higher the property value, the higher the stamp duty. Some other factors that could affect stamp duty include whether the property is a first home, primary residence, or investment property

Use our Stamp duty calculator to see how much you may pay in government charges.

First-home buyers may be eligible for stamp duty exemptions or concessions under certain conditions. To see what the current conditions are for stamp duty exemptions and concessions, visit your state’s government website:

State / TerritoryLink
Australian Capital Territorywww.revenue.act.gov.au
New South Waleswww.revenue.nsw.gov.au
Northern Territorywww.treasury.nt.gov.au
South Australiawww.revenuesa.sa.gov.au
Western Australiawww.osr.wa.gov.au

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