1. What do you need the credit card for?

The first question you should ask yourself is whether a credit card is really the solution you require. A credit card offers flexibility and is widely accepted, plus many cards offer valuable rewards and attractive balance transfer rates. For your everyday expenses, many retailers, like supermarkets, don’t charge you any extra if you use a credit card. Putting your everyday expenses on credit allows you to keep cash in your savings account for longer, maximising your potential to earn extra interest.

For larger one-off purchases, if you need to make a purchase during the month but won’t have the funds available until after the purchase, you can use your credit card, then pay off your card balance in full as usual at the end of the month.

A credit card can be a valuable tool for managing your cash flow. With responsible use, you can enjoy a card’s convenience and financial flexibility to your advantage.

2. How will you use the card?

Depending on how you use the card, certain features will be more or less important. For instance, if you intend to pay the full balance on the card off every month before the due date, then the interest rate won’t matter as much. Whether you use the card frequently or occasionally, you can find the right card for your needs in Macquarie’s range.

Be rewarded for your everyday spending with Qantas Points, with the Macquarie Black Card and the Macquarie Platinum Card, enjoy the freedom to choose your flexible rewards. Alternatively, you may be looking for the simple convenience of a credit card with a low annual fee. If you are seeking a credit card to consolidate your existing credit card debts and potentially save on interest repayments, all of Macquarie’s credit cards offer a special low balance transfer rate.

Choose a card with benefits that make sense for you

3. How much will you spend?

Premium credit cards can have higher fees but these can be offset by other premium benefits and offer valuable reward points, such as complimentary insurance and personal concierge services. However, if your spending on a credit card is going to be minimal, you may be more interested in a basic, low-fee card.

4. What fees and charges matter most to you?

The fees and charges on a credit card can include annual account fees, late payment fees, additional cardholder fees, transaction fees, cash advance fees, and fees for exceeding your credit limit. Compare the fees across the cards you are considering before choosing a card that’s right for you.

5. What benefits do you want?

Choose a card with benefits that make sense for you. If you intend to use the card frequently, especially when travelling, look for a card that offers reward points, travel insurances and concierge services. If you’re hoping to better manage credit card debt and enjoy the simple convenience of having a credit card, look for a card with a low-interest balance transfer option.

Macquarie offers a range of great value credit cards. For a credit card with premium benefits and travel rewards, consider the Macquarie Platinum Card with Macquarie Qantas Rewards. For ultimate benefits, the Macquarie Black Card with Macquarie Rewards or Macquarie Qantas Rewards is the best choice. For a low rate card with the service you’d expect from Macquarie, choose the Macquarie RateSaver Card.

To find out more about choosing a credit card, call 1300 150 300 to speak with a credit card specialist and have your credit card questions answered.

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