Credit Card Fraud can happen both online and offline. It is theft and fraud committed using a credit card. Find out how to avoid credit card fraud.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a technique used by fraudsters to obtain sensitive information such as passwords, bank login details and credit card details. Fraudsters can operate by sending an email or message pretending to be from a trustworthy source. This contact may also take place in the form of a phone call ('Vishing') or a text message ('SMSishing'). Communications claiming to be from banks, popular social websites and auction sites are commonly used to trick the unsuspecting web user.

Suspicious emails and text messages

The emails or text messages will usually direct you to websites that ask you to enter your personal information and credit card details. The website may look like the genuine site, but is in fact a clone website. When you click on a link or enter your credit card details, the information may be sent to someone other than your bank. Always check to see that a site is secure before entering your credit card details and do not open any unknown files or emails.

Suspicious phone calls

'Vishing' is the term used for phone phishing, where the caller's objective for contacting you is attempting to obtain your details for their financial gain. An unsolicited phone call from someone claiming to represent your bank or another business is a reason to be cautious. If you are asked to provide information about your login credentials or credit card details that is likely another red flag and you should end the call.

What to do if you think you are being scammed or phished

If you receive an email, text message or phone call and you are unsure whether it is legitimate, don't provide any personal details. Instead, contact Macquarie directly using a number or method you know is genuine. Report any phishing attempts to Macquarie Group Limited at

Protection on Macquarie credit cards

Macquarie has a state of the art fraud detection system that monitors credit card transactions for suspicious activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may be contacted from time to time to confirm recent transactions on your Macquarie credit card.

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