Great interest rates

Earn a fixed welcome rate of 5.35% p.a. for four months~, then rollover to a variable ongoing rate of up to 4.75% p.a.


Your account, your way

Access your money whenever you need it – you have flexibility to make withdrawals and transfers any time with no fees and no deposit conditions.

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Fast account opening

Open an account via the Macquarie Mobile Banking app and start earning interest on your money in minutes.


Welcome rate

Bonus rate offer on your first Macquarie Savings Account.

% p.a.

Fixed welcome rate for 4 months at the time of account opening, on balances up to $250,000.~ Then, continue earning with our competitive variable ongoing rates.

Ongoing rates

Stepped interest is payable on deposits in Macquarie Savings Accounts based on your balance as follows:

4.75% p.a.
Up to $250,000

4.75% p.a.

$250,000.01 – $1,000,000

3.35% p.a.

$1,000,000.01 and above

See previous interest rates

The above interest rates are current as at 17 November 2023, are variable and subject to change. For more information on how interest is calculated click here.


Account fees

We don’t charge fees on our Macquarie Savings Account^

Fee typeFee amount 

Online payments

Make internal transfers, pay anyone and BPAY® payments through online banking and mobile banking on an immediate or scheduled basis.


Dishonour fees

We may allow your account to be debited even if there are insufficient funds to cover the amount of the debit either in full or in part.


Bank cheque

Request a bank cheque issued by Macquarie with funds drawn immediately from your Savings Account. Bank cheques can be requested by phone or at a Macquarie branch.


Transaction limits

Transaction typeLimit

Daily Pay Anyone Payment limit

**The $100,000 limit applies if you use the Macquarie Authenticator App and are registered for Electronic Banking. Otherwise, a default limit of $5,000 applies. Your applicable daily limit applies to all of the daily Pay Anyone payments you make across all your eligible accounts linked to your Macquarie ID. If you hold a joint account, click here for information about how this limit applies to you. 

$100,000 daily**

NPP Payment sub-limit                                                                

#This limit operates as a sub-limit of the daily Pay Anyone limit. The $10,000 limit applies if you use the Macquarie Authenticator App and are registered for Electronic Banking. Otherwise, a default limit of $5,000 applies.

 $10,000 daily#

Daily BPAY limit

Some billers may impose their own limits.

Up to the available balance of your account

Terms and conditions, forms and documents

Terms and conditionsLink
Macquarie transaction and savings accounts terms and conditionsView conditions
Macquarie electronic banking terms and conditionsView conditions
Tools to keep your money safe

Secure by design

Secure by design

Safeguard your savings with the Macquarie Authenticator app.

  • Switch on push notifications to stay across all your account activity.
  • Protect your account from fraud with our industry-leading authentication app Macquarie Authenticator.
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An intuitive app experience

An intuitive app experience

An intuitive app experience

Get set to save more - the Macquarie Mobile Banking app is designed to make your life easier.

  • Set tailored budgets to keep you saving towards your goals.

  • Attach receipts and tag statements to make tax time and warranty applications easier.

A woman holding a phone in a well lit room with the Macquaire bank app open on a savings screen.

Open your savings account today


Then, add a Macquarie Savings Account

Unlock a 5.35% p.a. welcome rate on balances up to $250k for 4 months.~


Transfer money into your accounts

Simply transfer money into your accounts to start earning interest instantly, no fees or deposit conditions.^


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Frequently asked questions

We don’t have any deposit conditions on Transaction Accounts, Offset Accounts or Savings Accounts, to get access to our great benefits and earn interest.

For example, you don’t need to make a minimum monthly deposit to use the platinum benefits or make free ATM withdrawals.

We don’t charge fees on Transaction Accounts, Offset Accounts or Savings Accounts.

We provide a refund on fees incurred at all ATMs in Australia.

We don’t charge fees to withdraw cash overseas or make international purchases. Other financial institutions, such as the banks of international merchants and international ATM operators, may charge you fees for these transactions.

A Macquarie Savings Account is available if you hold a Macquarie Transaction Account.

You can add one or more Macquarie Savings Accounts to your Macquarie Transaction Account during the application process, or in real time once the Macquarie Transaction Account has been opened.

For more information, please read our terms and conditions.

To add a Macquarie Savings Account once you’ve logged into Macquarie Online Banking:

  1. Click on the Open an account button on the right, above your accounts table
  2. Find the Savings Account option and click Open an account
  3. Select Account type (single or joint)
  4. Select Linked account
  5. Add your tax file number if required, and select Open account.


Alternatively, you can:

  1. Hover over the Transaction account on the accounts table
  2. Click on I want to
  3. Click on Open a savings account

To add a Macquarie Savings Account from the Macquarie Mobile Banking app:


  1. Select the menu icon in the icon bar from the bottom right corner
  2. Select Open an account
  3. Select Let's do it
  4. Select Account type (single or joint)
  5. Select Linked account
  6. Add your tax file number if required and select Open savings.

Alternatively, you can:

  1. Select your Transaction account from the account list
  2. Select the I want to button
  3. Click on Open a savings account.

Discover other ways to save

Open online

Open your savings account in just 3 minutes.

Download the app

Download the Macquarie Mobile Banking app to start managing your banking on the go.

Help and support

Visit our online Help Centre.

Additional information


We don’t charge any fees in connection with our transaction and savings account products but others, such as other financial institutions, may.


Our Welcome rate offer is only available on your first savings account, on balances up to $250,000.00. The welcome rate is fixed at the time you apply for four months. After the expiry of your Welcome rate and on additional savings accounts, our stepped variable rates apply based on your balance. Should our stepped variable rates exceed the Welcome rate offer during the four-month period, interest will be calculated based on our stepped variable rates.

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This information has been prepared by Macquarie Bank Limited AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 237502 (MBL) and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether it is appropriate for you. Lending criteria, fees and T&Cs apply.

Government Guarantee: The Australian Government guarantees aggregated deposits with Australian authorised deposit-taking institutions, including Macquarie Bank, of up to $A250,000. Further information about the Government Guarantee can be obtained from the APRA website at www.fcs.gov.au