How a focus on family helps build financial stability

Managing the family finances comes naturally to Warren Schilpzand, thanks to his love of data. From understanding day-to-day spending online to digging into past behaviours, he believes transparency is key to achieving financial milestones.

Since reaching a comfortable place with their mortgage, Warren and his wife are now looking at other ways to build their wealth.

But for Warren, growing wealth isn’t about hoarding money – it’s about using money wisely. With two young sons at home, stable finances are essential for achieving peace of mind. 

“What's important to me is getting to a point where, if our financial environment changes, we're not going to be too stressed about it.”

Warren’s tactic to reach this point has been disciplined, and effective. “It’s about being patient and keeping things as simple as possible. When you’re younger it can be tempting to try and advance too quickly – that’s when things can get complicated and difficult to get out of.”

I was really impressed with how straightforward it was to sign up for the account.

So Warren and his wife have taken the slow and steady approach – living within their means, saving money and then spending when they are in a good spot. “For those bigger ticket items, we go ‘ok, the money’s there now – so we can plan and go do it.’” For them, it’s a renovated family home in Sydney’s north, or an overseas trip to create family memories.

To manage this, they needed visibility across all their funds, with streamlined shared accounts.

“As you get older everything becomes so much more complicated – keeping track of what you've got to claim for your tax and how much you're spending in certain areas.”

Warren’s priority is access to information, and transparency of that information – which is why he moved his personal transaction account to Macquarie.

“It’s so easy to tap and pay on the phone – and when I make a payment I get a notification saying ‘you’ve just spent $10’ and I can type in what the spend was for – saving so much time down the track.”

Intuitive technology is important to Warren. “I was really impressed with how straightforward it was to sign up for the account. Then when I was in the app and started playing around with it, I could see there were so many features that would make my life much, much easier.”

Working for an innovative software company, Warren values Macquarie’s investment in new product design. “Looking at what Macquarie is doing in the banking space, it's very well positioned. Doing it with the focus on the customer first is absolutely the right way to go about it.”

He also enjoys analysing his personal spending data. “To make better decisions in the future, you need to understand what’s happened in the past. It’s important for me to understand how my spending habits have changed.”

When it comes to personal rewards, Warren says it’s also important to be open with your partner about spending priorities. “You’ve got to understand each other’s idea of what value is: things that I value, she doesn’t – and the things she values, I may not value.”

What they do both value is maintaining a life balance. “You still want to stay fun, right? We want our kids to think of us as human – to be able to grow up understanding the things we’re interested in.”

There’s also the reality of looking after family. “Those kinds of things – they take a much higher priority.”

When your priorities are filtered with family values and providing care and comfort for the ones you love, it makes sense to take care financially – and with the Schilpzand’s example, it pays off, too.

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