Get more out of your home loan

With our offset home loan, get access to our award-winning transaction account and credit cards.
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More than just a home loan

Our offset home loan package gives you a flexible loan structure and great rate. It includes an award-winning credit card and transaction account6 so you can get more than just a home loan.

Add a credit card

  • Waived annual fee4 for award-winning6 credit cards and receive a competitive rate of 5.90% on purchases for the first 14 months1.
  • Our Black and Platinum Credit Cards1 are a smarter way to pay, with access to a flexible rewards program, no international purchase fees2 and compatibility with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Using your debit card

Get free access to any rediATM in Australia and enjoy a refund on fees incurred at all other ATMs in Australia. Plus, when you shop online or in-store with overseas retailers with your Debit Mastercard®, we won't charge you any international purchase fees2

Budgeting and saving

Tools for budgeting and saving

Tools for budgeting and saving

  • Get to know your spending. Each time you make a transaction, it’s automatically categorised into a group such as groceries, travel, leisure or technology.
  • Create smart budgets for anything in an instant, then see how you're tracking at a glance and over time.
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Added security

Protect your account and personal information

Protect your account and personal information

  • The Macquarie Authenticator app provides an extra layer of security that helps protect your account and personal information and is our most secure way to authenticate.
  • It's a mobile app that sends actionable push notifications for you to approve or deny online transactions and account activity. There’s also an option to generate a unique one-time rolling code as an alternative authentication method.
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Track spending

Transaction notifications

Transaction notifications

  • Get the added security of real time notifications – opt in on your device.
  • Whenever you make a transaction on your Macquarie credit or debit card, you’ll receive a push notification, so you know the correct transaction has been processed either instore or online.
  • For foreign currency transactions, the alert shows the spend amount in local currency and Australian dollars.
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Travel assistance

Digital tools for travelling

Digital tools for travelling

  • When you log into the Macquarie Mobile Banking app at your overseas destination, the Travel Mode feature will reflect your location and the local exchange rate. 
  • You’ll also have quick access to our international support contact details.
  • Easily lock and unlock your card in the app if your card is lost or stolen.


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How to apply

You can request a call online or give us a call on 13 62 27 to speak with a home loan specialist.


Apply if you

  • are 18 years old or over,
  • are a permanent resident of Australia.

What's next?

As your application progresses, you'll be kept up to date with email notifications and calls from your dedicated home loan specialist.

Frequently asked questions

LVR is the amount you need to borrow, calculated as a percentage of the value of your property. For example, if your loan amount is $400K and your property value is $500K, then your LVR is 80%. 
Fixed rate home loans have an interest rate that is fixed for a set period of time (typically one to five years). At the end of the fixed rate term, the loan will usually switch to a variable rate.
Variable rate home loans have an interest rate that can move up or down according to market forces, which impacts the amount of interest you pay.
Macquarie home loans offer the flexibility of allowing you to have some of your home loan at a fixed rate and some of your home loan at a variable rate.
Macquarie home loans offer the flexibility of allowing borrowers to:
•             Have all of their home loan at a variable rate
•             Have all of their home loan at a fixed rate
•             Split their mortgage into fixed and variable portions.
Once you’ve completed an application with your broker or home loan specialist, we can (in most cases) provide you with a pre-approval within one business day if your application qualifies. Once you are successful with a property and provide us with all required documentation, we work quickly to provide you with unconditional approval and open your home loan account. 
This timing depends on how quickly we can verify your identity, assess your application, and transfer security.
We’ll let you know by email if your application is successful and when your account is open and ready to use.
If you have any questions about the status of your application, talk to your broker or your home loan specialist.
If you have an Offset Home Loan account with a BSB starting with 182

You can open up to 10 offset accounts which can be linked to an offset home loan account. Offset accounts aren't available for any other type of home loan.

To open additional offset accounts:

1. Go to
2. Go to Open an account and submit an online application to open a Macquarie transaction account as an existing customer.
a. To do this select Yes for the question Do you have any other Macquarie products?
b. Enter your Macquarie ID and Password to login
c. If this new account is a joint account with another borrower, ensure you have ticked Yes for the question Are you applying with someone else? and have them enter their Macquarie ID and Password in Step 4 of the application

3. Once you have completed the application, you’ll need to contact us on 1800 007 722 (+61 8245 4383) to switch and link your transaction account to your offset home loan.

A Mastercard Debit Card will automatically be sent along with your online application to the postal address linked to your profile.

Please note, you can't link an offset account to a fixed home loan account.

If you have an Offset Home Loan account with a BSB starting with 032
Additional offset accounts aren't available.
Redraw is a product feature that allows you to make extra payments to reduce the outstanding balance of your home loan, which in turn reduces the amount of interest you pay. A redraw facility allows you to access the extra payments you’ve made up to your loan limit at that time.

Redraw is a product feature enabled on most home loan products except for:
  • construction loans with a BSB starting with 032
  • accounts during a fixed rate period. Any extra payments you’ve made whilst your interest rate is fixed is only available at the end of your fixed rate period
  • SMSF home loans
  • reverse mortgages
  • accommodation bond reverse mortgages.

Your redraw balance may change over time depending on several factors, including:

  • loan limit changes
  • repayment amount changes
  • missed or late repayments and fees.


The below is an example explaining how redraw works where an extra payment has been made and the repayment amount has not changed on the home loan.

Sarah has a $300,000 home loan with a 30-year term. 10 years into her loan she makes an extra payment of $50,000. Her repayment amount does not change and the extra payment she’s made means she is paying less interest on her home loan. This results in Sarah paying off her home loan sooner. Because Sarah has maintained her repayments at the same amount, she can access her redraw balance up until her loan is paid off. If she continues to keep her loan open after it’s paid off, then available redraw will start reducing to ensure her home loan limit is $0 at the end of her loan term.

Checking your redraw balance
You can view or access your redraw fee free by using Macquarie Online Banking or the Macquarie Mobile Banking app.

To check your available redraw balance on Macquarie Online Banking:
  1. Select Accounts from the side menu; or first click on the  icon in top left-hand corner to display the side menu
  2. Select the home loan account
  3. Select the Account Details tab
  4. Available funds for redraw is shown as Redraw balance under Account Summary.

To check your available redraw balance on the Macquarie Mobile Banking app:
  1. Select a home loan account from the main screen
  2. Available funds figure is displayed at the top of the screen above account balance.
Accessing your redraw balance
To access your available redraw balance on Macquarie Online Banking:
  1. Select the  icon from the side menu; or first click on the  icon in top left-hand corner to display the side menu
  2. Select the home loan account with available redraw balance
  3. Select the Macquarie account you wish to pay to, or New payee/biller.

To access your available redraw balance on the Macquarie Mobile Banking app:
  1. Select the  icon on the front screen
  2. Select either Internal transfer or Make a payment
  3. Select the home loan account with available redraw balance
  4. Select the Macquarie account you wish to pay to, or New payee/biller.

The daily limit to transfer funds from your account online is $20,000 per day. If you need to transfer above this amount, please call 1800 007 722 (+61 8245 4383).
For loan accounts with BSB starting with 182 only, there is no daily limit for funds transfers between your Macquarie accounts.
There is no daily limit for BPAY® payments from your account, however the institution you are paying to may have set a limit on incoming transfers.

®  Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

"It just gives us... flexibility."

Exarhos family
Exarhos family

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Help and support

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Additional information

The comparison rates are based on a loan for $150,000 and a term of 25 years. WARNING: This comparison rate applies only to the example or examples given. Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs such as redraw fees or early repayment fees, and cost savings such as fee waivers, are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan.


Rate applies for new loans when you borrow up to 60% of the property value with a principal and interest repayment variable rate loan. Subject to change without notice.


Approval is subject to Macquarie credit criteria and suitability assessment. Terms and conditions apply and are available upon request. Fees and charges apply. Allow up to 10 working days to process your application.


We don’t charge fees for card purchases or transactions made or processed outside Australia but others, such as the banks of international merchants, might.


Macquarie Bank Basic and Offset home loans are issued by Macquarie and are not Qantas products nor are they offered or issued by Qantas. Qantas has made no enquiries as to the accuracy of the Macquarie products or services described, and is not responsible for errors or omissions.


Please refer to your financial table for credit card annual fees if you discharge your loan with us. Other fees and charges may apply.


This information is provided by Macquarie Bank Australian Credit Licence 237502 and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether it is appropriate for you. Lending criteria, fees and T&Cs apply.


Our cards are 5-star Canstar rated for Outstanding Value Travel Credit Card and Outstanding Value Travel Debit Card for 2019/2020.

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Information and interest rates are current as at 9 October 2020 and are subject to change.